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Released: 2006
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Zum Geilen Bock Magma
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 95 mins.

For his latest film Hazza B Gunne has taken the cast and crew out on location to the local pub, The Cockwell Inn, a popular watering hole which just lacks that little something ... This is where Harmony, Rebecca, Suzie, Paige and the other girls help out, drumming up extra thirsty customers.

It's closing time at the Cockwell Inn, the bar is empty, the glasses are washed and Danny is just about to lock up when he hears shouts from the ladies. Frankie has got herself locked in. He forces open the door and Frankie shows her appreciation by falling to her knees to suck at his cock. Spitting and gagging, Frankie fills her cheeks and throat with dick in the shadowy toilets. Danny suggests they go somewhere else. Behind the bar, Danny lies down and Frankie lifts her short black dress and spears her pussy with his shaft. Her tits fall out as she rocks and grinds. The two roll over and Frankie's legs are in the air as Danny bangs her pussy. Standing, Frankie grabs hold of the pumps as Danny thrusts in from behind. Crouching, Frankie fingers her fanny as Danny jerks off over her tits. She uses his cock to rub in the spunk.

Demitri is looking for staff when Aneta turns up. Her grasp of English is poor and she knows little about pulling pints. When asked how to give a nice head Aneta drops between Demitri's legs and works at his cock. He holds her blonde hair as she swallows. Aneta's top and denim skirt come off and she waggles her pink panties in Demitri's face before sitting on his lap, his cock in her pussy. Demitri reaches for her boobs as she bounces. Then she stands on one leg taking the dick deep. With her bent over the desk, Demitri enters her doggy. Then Aneta turns to taste her handy work, squeezing and pulling his cock. He fires his jizz into her mouth ... She's got the job.

It's given Demitri an idea. The crowds will flock to see sexy barmaids and Harmony Hex is the first to be interviewed. Down in the cellar Danny puts Harmony through her paces. She is dressed in a lacy black top and skirt and he asks her to dance, but he's not impressed. Perhaps Harmony is better at pulling cocks. Her head bobs up and down on his man meat. Then she lifts his shaft and laps at his balls. Danny slides his hand into her black panties as she wanks him. His dick disappears into Harmony's mouth. She removes her knickers and Danny takes her over a barrel, easing his cock into her hot tight cunt. She gently sighs. Turning, Harmony slides down Danny's shaft and the ribbons from her top dangle and brush against his balls. Spread out on some cardboard on the floor, the pair shag spoons. Then, twisting round, the two end in the missionary position. Danny pulls out, cummimg on Harmony's stomach. She grabs his cock to lick off every last drop.

To shouts from the locals, Suzie and Paige climb onto the bar to give a little show. When they are stripped down to their knickers a bloke from the crowd is asked to join in. Suzie wanks his cock into Paige's mouth then takes over the sucking herself. Climbing between Paige's legs, Suzie buries her face in her fanny. Then the three make for an alcove seat. Pulling at Paige's pussy the guy pops in his prick. She falls forward to munch at Suzie's minge. Wetting her pussy, Suzie goes for a little reverse riding and Paige dives in to lap at the pair. The girls swap places, Paige grinding up and down the shaft as Suzie balances on the back of the chair wanking. Slipping down the seat, Suzie opens her legs to be taken missionary and she shoves a finger up her arse. Paige prefers spoons. After a few strokes the guy pulls out and fills Suzie's mouth with cream. The girls kiss.

Busty blonde Rebecca sits in her black-striped dress waiting for an interview when two heavies turn up looking for the boss. She decides to show initiative and pacify the pair in the only way she knows. Grabbing the boys' trousers she unzips their cocks and wraps her luscious lips around their shafts. Swallowing, Rebecca rocks forward and her tits tumble from her dress. Closing her eyes she shoves both pork swords in her mouth, smudging her mascara. Lying across a table, Rebecca is filled at both ends, Sonny poking her pussy and Jay jamming his cock in her mouth. Furniture moved out the road, Rebecca mounts Jay and her boobs brush against Sonny's legs as she sucks at his cock. Rebecca takes her turn on the floor. Her tits jolt and jiggle as she is banged missionary. Turning onto all fours, she wants her bum filled and the boys oblige. A little more gargling and gagging on cock and Rebecca wants to take both hard men together, a dick in her arse and one in her pussy. The three rock and roll. Ready to cum, Rebecca sits up, her tongue out to catch the spunk. It drips off her chin forming a shiny ribbon down her cleavage.

With a reasonable plot, five good scenes and a collection of hot girls, Relish should be commended for taking their cameras out and about. Admittedly shooting in a pub has it's limitations and the lighting and sound aren't always 'studio' quality, but you can live with that. All the girls put in good performances, but Harmony Hex deserves a special mention for working in the cramped confines of the cellar. The Cockwell Inn is a fine film from Hazza B Gunne and the team.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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