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Released: 2006
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Running time: 115 mins.

With a brand new 'James Bond' style opening sequence, Cathy Barry introduces five more scenes which allow her to showcase herself and a selected group of friends. Though the title sequence and content of the film are new, some of the work appears to date back some time. A young blonde McKenzie Lee appears with Cathy as well as an 'inexperienced' Elle Brook.

Michelle Thorne and Marlon pop round to have a natter with Cathy. As she sits between the pair on the sofa they ease her tits out of her black bra. Marlon slithers to the floor to lick and finger her pussy and Michelle munches on Cathy's tits. Cathy fills her face with cock while Michelle fingers and spanks her bum. Balancing her pussy at the tip of Marlon's dick, Cathy slowly sinks down, while Michelle watches and strokes her body. Turning to ride cowgirl, Cathy smothers Marlon's face with her tits. She then leans over to lap at Michelle's fanny. Michelle takes a bottle of baby oil from behind a cushion and coats Cathy's boobs. Marlon runs his dick through her well-oiled cleavage. Turning the bottle on herself, Michelle rubs her slippery pussy against Cathy's face while Marlon wanks off over her shiny tits. Cathy sucks off the last few drops of spunk.

Sick of the porn industry, Cathy has decided to go into sports massage. She greets her first two clients, Jack and JJ, dressed in her tight white nurses uniform. Her handywork on Jack's legs get things twitching under the towel. Cathy moves up his legs and starts to massage his cock with her lips and a finger slips into her pussy. The boys want Cathy to get her tits out. Her top is unzipped and they fall free. The pair lap at her nipples. Climbing onto the couch, Cathy gets spit toasted, the two men swapping ends half way through. All three move to the floor for some double dicking action and Cathy's tits sway as the boys bang away. Her hair flopping over her face, Cathy sucks at the two cocks then stuffs one in her cheek while she is taken spoons. Jack and JJ jerk off into Cathy's mouth and their cream runs over her chin onto her tits.

Accountant Matt is having problems sorting out Cathy's books. Having drunk one too many cups of tea, he leaves for the toilet. Since he has been away for some time, Cathy goes off to investigate and, on opening the door, she discovers him wanking over an old pair of knickers. Cathy can't allow that; so she drops to the floor and starts to suck. The pair then head for the bedroom. Undoing her white blouse, Matt licks at Cathy's tits and her hand tugs at his tadger as her boobs are squeezed together. Stripped, Matt stands to receive a blow-job. Then, pulling her panties to one side, he goes down to chew at Cathy's cunt. Matt lies on the bed, Cathy lowering herself onto his cock to ride reverse cowgirl. She spins round so he can suck on her boobs. Spoons leads on to doggy, then missionary with Matt pounding away at Cathy's pussy. Pulling out, he sprays his spunk over Cathy's body from her pussy to her face.

Turning up at the timber yard, Cathy and McKenzie are on the hunt for wood. The boys in charge have just what they want. Getting the girls' tits out they nibble and suck. Cathy and McKenzie crouch before the guys and fill their faces with cock. Spinning Cathy round, the lads finger her fanny. McKenzie joins in, slurping at her pussy juices. The girls gorge themselves on dick then lie side by side legs in the air to be fucked. Swapping guys, McKenzie goes bright red as she gags on dick. She rides the wet shaft reverse with Cathy being taken missionary beside her. Cathy mounts her guy while McKenzie eases cock into her arse. Both girls are then up for some double dick action, their tongues lapping at pricks between bouts. Kneeling between the boys the girls kiss as jizz is showered over their faces.

Elle Brook sits on Cathy's bed. She wants to know about girl-on-girl sex. Cathy starts her lesson by pulling down the front of Elle's green summer dress and biting her nipples till they are hard and erect. Her own turquoise top comes off so that Elle can practice. Next is pussy licking. Cathy climbs between Elle's legs. Elle squirms as her knickers come down and Cathy's tongue works on the wet hole. Moaning, Elle pulls Cathy harder against her pussy. They swap and Elle's tongue darts over Cathy's pussy lips and flicks at her pierced clit. She bends forward to be finger fucked. Elle lubes up a plastic prick and screws it into Cathy's cunt. Her lips stretch around the big pink toy. An orange vibe is used on Elle, Cathy teasing her pussy as she sits on her face. Lying on her side, Elle takes a second toy into her arse and cries out with pleasure. The girls kiss and fall back on the bed.

The format of the Cathy's Diary series is now well established with a mix of boy/girl and girl/girl action all involving Cathy. This film is a must for fans of the big breasted Bristol lass. It also contains some fine early work from both McKenzie and Elle which extends its appeal to a wider audience. Pumpkin have also found a new batch of guys all of whom do a decent job in the film, which is a refreshing change. With the extras on the DVD the Barry's have produced a good two hours' viewing in Diaries 8.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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