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Released: 2007
Director: John Mason as Johnny Rebel
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Running time: 117 mins.

The opening few minutes of a film can colour your impression, so as the titles role for The Cock Strikes Two Again, accompanied by German Oom-pah music, what does it say? Had this been a parody of a 70's movie with permed hair and drooping moustaches, it would have been OK. But it's not. It's a bed ridden 5 scene 'gonzo' from John Mason starring a mix of established and new talent.

Surrounded by the detritus of life, Vinny is propped up against a lilac satin headboard which clashes wonderfully with the purple bedspread. Kneeling either side of him are Suzie and Nicole. Removing their bras, they drop them into the pile of clothes on the floor. Vinny sits up to play with the girls' tits as they pull at his shorts. Suzie sucks at his cock then moves to sit on his face. The camera pans past the empty coffee cups. A sudden editing cut and the girls swap places, with Nicole having her fanny tongued whilst Suzie laps at Vinny's balls. More sudden jumps in the action, as Vinny fucks the pair missionary then reverse cowgirl. Glancing at the camera, Vinny is ready to cum. He fires his load over Nicole's stomach.

Scene two starts with Simone already filling her face with Vinny's dick and a slim pale Rachel stripping out of her knickers. Her own turquoise outfit discarded, Simone plants her plump pussy lips on Vinny's face. As in the first scene there is no continuity of action, with a few seconds of Vinny taking Simone doggy followed by Rachel riding reverse. A little masturbation with a long glass rod for Simone, and Vinny showers the pair in spunk.

In a red tartan mini shirt, Mandy (as Angel) is next on the bed, with Bev in her polka dot dress which fails to flatter her figure. Sandwiched between the girls, John gets his cock out for Bev to play with. Hitching up her dress, Bev settles down to ride cowgirl. Mandy slaps her arse as she bounces. Screwing round on the bed, Mandy gets her pierced nipples nibbled by Bev as she is filled from behind. Both girls 69 with John. Mandy then gets her chance to mount his cock. The scene ends with John wanking over the girls' legs.

Back with Vinny, this time in a puce coloured room with Cindy and Lisa. What follows is almost the same formula as the previous scenes. The editing does little to help, breaking the flow of the action as it cuts from girl to girl. After both girls have been shagged missionary and doggy, Vinny drops his load on Lisa's stomach.

For the final scene, Vinny has moved to the sofa where, sporting Johnny Rebel's head scarf, he meets Paige and Portia. In her black fishnets, Portia positions herself to have her pussy licked while Paige occupies her lips on Vinny's prick. The girls move round, with Paige being licked and Portia getting fucked cowgirl. A little doggy for the pair, then Paige uses a blue vibe between her legs before being shafted spoons. Portia tries probing herself. The girls then wank Vinny's cock until he cums.

This is not one of John Mason's better works. The whole film is eerily silent, with almost no interaction between the performers. It's only when the Oom-pah band strikes up between the scenes that you realise they haven't forgotten to put the sound track on. Poor editing and long stares at the camera from the cast (for inspiration?) make this a film to miss.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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