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Released: 2007
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
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Running time: 140 mins.

With cigarettes banned in public places, six girls have turned to the Killergram team to get their fix. But for DiSanto, chains and smoking are two different things...

Cigarette in hand, Carmel crawls across the floor in black lace and stockings. Slowly standing, she drags a thick chain between her legs. Link after link presses against her pussy. Discarding her fag, Carmel spots something else to put between her lips. Inhaling on cock, her fingers grasp the shaft. Her boobs hanging out, she stoops to suck. Carmel drops her knickers and settles down on the dick. The guy gropes her tits as she rides him. Half off the sofa, the guy squeezes his prick into Carmel's arse. She cries out and her eyes light up as her bum is banged. Squatting, Carmel fills her mouth with cum.

A blonde Aaliyah, in knee high boots and a plunge neck black dress, wraps a chain around her body. Her tits fall out of her open front as she slithers towards Ben's erect cock. Holding Aaliyah's head, Ben thrusts his cheb in her mouth. The chains jangle as her cheek bulges with his cock. Lying on the floor, Ben wanks while Aaliyah crouches over his face. His tongue laps at her shaven snatch. Stepping out of her panties, Aaliyah draws her chain over Ben's body as she slips his prick into her pussy. Ben stands with Aaliyah on his dick. He places her on all fours to fuck her from behind. Twisting round, Aaliyah ends on top and hammers down, reverse cowgirl. The pair move to a large mirror on the floor. Ben jerks his load over the glass. Kneeling, Aaliyah laps at the cream.

Jamie is a girl who thinks black leather lingerie contrasts well with silver links. Winding the chain around her boobs, she caresses her body. Jamie's metalwork macramé halts when a big black cock comes into view. Suspending her chain on the shaft, she swallows. With spit dribbling over her chin, Jamie's crams the cock down her throat, making her eyes water. Turning Jamie round, the guy pushes his prick past her panties and deep into her pussy. Jamie joggles and jives on the manhood. After tasting her juices, Jamie leans forward to be filled from behind. With the guy on the sofa, Jamie takes control, pounding down on his dick. She moves to the mirror and lights up a cigarette. The guy fires his cum onto her chain. Smoke seeps from her mouth as she licks it up.

In her short black dress, Delta White is next to tug the two metres of chain over her body. Boobs out, she teases, licking the links. Delta sits on the sofa in her black boots and lights up. Blowing smoke, she fondles her tits. A guy lassos Delta, pulling her towards his prick. With a mouth full of smoke, she pops it between her lips. Delta's studded tongue dances over the head of the dick. Kneeling on a low stool, Delta is shagged doggy style, the chain rattling around her neck. She mounts the guy, hooking her feet over his thighs as she bounces. The guy turns her, holding Delta's hips as she rides. Dropping to the floor, the duo 69 then finish the session spoons. Shooting his spunk onto a mirror, Delta smears it over her lips.

With her long blonde hair in ringlets, Tiffany crouches - a cigarette in one hand and a chain in the other. As she stands, her black skirt rides up to reveal a shaven, tattooed snatch. She perches on the edge of the settee and fingers herself. Clasping her fingers around a cock, Tiffany pulls it towards her mouth. Wrapping her pink lips around the shaft, her head bobs. Moving to the sofa, Tiffany settles down on the guy's dick and rides. Rolling off, she sucks before indulging on a long stint of doggy style sex. A little more cock riding and the guy cums over her tongue. She lets it drip onto the mirror.

The last girl is Victoria Brown who, unlike the others in the film, has chosen a very pale blue to wear instead of black. Drawing on her cigarette, she pulls the chain across her clit and plump pussy lips, then squirms around on the floor in her white boots. Victoria dumps her ciggie when she's offered cock and starts to suck. Things get better for Victoria when a second guy comes into play. She presses her face against his shaft and crams both boys into her mouth. With her short dark hair sticking to her cheeks, Victoria gags on the pair of dicks. Yanking down her top, the guys bite her boobs. Victoria slips a dick between her legs and sucks on the second as she's spit-roasted. Binding her body in black tape, the boys bang away at Victoria's pussy. She moves a cock into her arse, then takes both guys together. Another cigarette is lit and Victoria screws up her face as she's rammed from behind. Victoria is squashed flat against the mirror as the two cocks cum over her face.

With a simple white set and hard hot action, this film follows the style of other successful Killergram productions. Chain Smokers shows that with the right girls, good directing / camerawork and two metres of chain, you can get great results. Top marks to DiSanto for the first release in this innovative series... Chain Smokers 2 has a lot to live up to.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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