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Released: 2007
Director: Jake Malone
Notes: Evil Angel
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Running time: 180 mins.

A dark film both in terms of lighting and content, Leah Jaye stars alongside Bobbi Star, Annie Cruz, Kayla and May Mikita in this rough and tough film where the girls are victims, or pay the price for their crimes.

In a stark white flat, Leah sits in her leopard print dress, legs akimbo, showing her snatch. Picking up a silver revolver, she rubs it against her clit as she feeds a glass dildo into her cunt. Manuel arrives at the door. Shoot him, or shag him? She decides to have a little fun first. Lifting her dress, he finds Leah's moist minge. His fingers enter. Rolling her over, Manuel probes Leah's arse with his tongue. She slips her tits out of her top. Pushed onto her back, Leah's pussy is filled missionary. She forces Manuel over and mounts his cock. Crouching, Manuel slaps Leah in the face with his dick. She gags as it slides past her tonsils. With Manuel's manhood in her arse, Leah crawls onto the sofa. The two bang away, spoons. Then it's back to the floor where, between bouts of bum banging, Leah teases her arse juices. Grabbing for the gun, Manuel holds it against Leah's head while he wanks. His cream covers the barrel. Leah licks it off.

With bald girls on motorbikes having their arses jammed with butt plugs, and a bound and gagged Heather Garble being dragged up a road by a gun toting maniac, the images this film leaves are disturbing rather than entertaining. Only of Kayla's scene could you say it was enjoyable to watch. Crimes of the Cunt is far too aggressive and over the top for my tastes.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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