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Released: 2007
Director: Neville
Notes: Film Erotica
Alternate Titles
  • Country Matters Part 1
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 124 mins.

Having cut their teeth in the great outdoors with Country Life, Film Erotica have returned to the countryside for Country Matters: a movie which follows three townies on a holiday to Dorset. Karlie, Amber and Tiffany want to cram sun, sea and sex into their week in an idyllic rural cottage. This being Britain, they miss out on the first, but compensate with the last.

After a little bit of sightseeing and stocking up at the sweet shop, Karlie and Tiffany make for the woods for a picnic. No sooner have the sandwiches come out than the heavens open. Scampering back along the path, the girls spot a guy in the trees. Tiffany thinks it would be great to give him a blow job in the wet. Crouching, the two stroke his balls and suck his cock. Tiffany's tongue work quickly makes him cum.

Back on the road, the girls try to hitch a lift. Steve Hooper, in his 4x4, stops. Rather than heading straight home, Steve pulls into a car park. Karlie notices a bulge in his pants and starts to rub. Reaching through from the back, Tiffany joins in. Pants down, Karlie lies across Steve's lap with her face full of cock. Clambering over the seats, Tiffany launches herself at the dick. With her knickers off, Karlie slides between Steve and the steering wheel, her pussy impaled by his prick. Slithering off, Tiffany takes her chance, wrapping her fingers round Steve's cock while she laps at the tip. Her handiwork is too much and he shoots his spunk. Tiffany licks it up.

Out in the garden, Amber has picked a pile of strawberries and is scoffing them when Pascal appears. She's picked the fruit from his garden. Bending her over his knee, he slaps her bare backside.

In the cottage, Tiffany is washing up when Karlie creeps up behind her. Lifting her summer dress, she sticks her fingers into Tiffany's fanny. The two strip and tongue each other's bodies. Tiffany climbs onto the kitchen table. She wants Karlie to fill her mouth with muff. The girls swap places as Amber and Pascal enter. Seeing the naked bodies on the table, Amber strips off to join them, burying her face in fanny. With Amber's pussy in front of him, Pascal plunges in his prick and bangs away. Amber sits up and turns. Pascal bashes his dick against her cheeks as he wanks. His jizz fills her mouth.

On a grey blustery day, the three build sand castles on the beach in their skimpy bikinis. The cold sends them back to the cottage, stopping to feed the ducks on the way. Failing to get the fire lit, Karlie calls Pascal in from the garden. He can think of other ways of warming her up. Karlie lies back on the sofa with her panties pulled to one side, letting Pascal lick her pussy. Unbuckling his pants, she eases out his cock and slips it between her lips, poking the tip into her cheek. Dropping her knickers, Karlie kneels, her hand playing with her clit as Pascal fucks her. Carried over to a coffee table beside the now roaring fire, Karlie stretches out with Pascal in her pussy. She stands, leaning against the mantle to be filled from behind, then moves back to the sofa for some anal action. Pascal's muscles twitch as he fires his load into Karlie's bum.

Karlie and Tiffany are sharing a bath. Amber wants to use the mirror to comb her hair. Seeing her friends having fun, she starts to play with their boobs. Dried off, the three decide on some naked sun bathing in the garden. Finding a ball, the girls have a bit of a kick about. Pascal and Steve want to play, but first they must strip. The five frolic round the gardens as Renee runs up the path. Desperate for a pee, she hitches up her summer dress. Spotting the group, Renee wanders over wanting to know what they're doing. It doesn't take her long to strip and join the five on a large blanket as they lick and suck each another. Renee and Amber concentrate their efforts on Pascal's cock, while Karlie and Tiffany set about Steve. Much humping and bumping follows, ending in Karlie getting her bum coated in cum and Amber ending with spunk on her tits.

The girls agree it's one of their best ever holidays and they'll come back for more.

This film is a welcome break from the standard five scene-ers which dominate the market, mixing small snippets of sex with longer sections and making great use of the small cast. Praise too for Karlie, Tiffany and Amber, who show how, on the coldest and dampest of summer days, they can turn in good performances. Film Erotica are at last producing work deserving of their brightly coloured case covers. Top Marks.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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