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Released: 2007 (2013 for DVD)
Notes: Wicked City / Television X
Alternate Titles
  • Cuntry Girls R18 DVD available
Notes and Reviews

Scenes from an everyday story of country life as country boys Jay, Tony and Keni fuck a bunch of attractive blondes in a series of vignettes. Generally the action is good and the filming clear and well lit, especially in the office. Unfortunately the lighting in the cowshed and stable locations is a little uneven, but nothing is missed. A good collection with a good mix of stars and less well known performers.

Leah and Antonia, resplendent in white shirts and tight jodhpurs, get a tour of the stables from Jay R. There is some talk about technique as an excuse for the girls to undress and get fucked. A horse blanket thrown over a couple of bales of hay substitutes as a mattress and as soon as Jay is sucked hard he plunges into Antonia's pussy. Both girls get their share of missionary, doggie and cowgirl before they share a facial.

Nicole wants bacon, but farmer Tony James only has pigs and anyway, Nicole has no money. So he takes her back to the office and gives her pork. Nicole strips for Tony, then she sucks his cock and they fuck on a big blue sofa. Missionary and doggie leads to anal sex via spoons and ends with a facial.

Farmer Jay Scarman is interviewing Suzie for a job with his herd of Friesians. He needs to check her milking skills back at the office, which involves undressing and sucking his cock. Suzie is cool with this and soon has her jaws clamped around Jay's member. Moving to the sofa, Jay fucks Suzie in doggy, reverse cowgirl and missionary, before wanking over her tits.

Suzie Best, in jodhpurs and a hard hat, doesn't mess about when she finds Keni Styles feeding the cows. She simply pushes him on to a bale of hay, gets his knob out and shoves it in her mouth. Suzie and Keni get their trousers off before he bends her and fucks her. Throwing a blanket on the straw strewn floor, the pair fuck in spoons and a fine reverse cowgirl anal sequence. The scene ends with a facial.

On a tour of the farm, Jay shows Amanda his cows, but she wants to see his bulls. "They're back at the office" he says, so they return there and undress. Whether it was bulls or balls Amanda wanted to see, she ends up getting cock. Firstly, in her face with a professional BJ, then in her nicely hirsute pussy. Reverse cowgirl, doggy, and spoons on the sofa ends with a heavy facial.

Review by Bayleaf
June 2008

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