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Released: 2008
Director: Jim Slip & Bob Bennett
Notes: MSS Interactive
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Following the format established in the first two volumes, Katie strips while her voiceover reveals some of her sexual biography, preferences and fantasies. Removing her skirt and top, she reveals some nicely retro stockings and suspenders before completing her warm-up with a big blue vibrator.

Paige Ashley joins Katie for some girl-girl action. Katie is quickly naked (apart from a short skirt around her waist) as Paige, in pink basque and fishnet stockings, licks her pussy. The action, on a big brass bed, is fingers and lips before Paige fucks Katie with a blue strap-on.

In the final part, Jim introduces Katie to Nico, a well-endowed black guy, who strips Katie down to her black stockings. After giving Nico's cock a polishing with her mouth, Nico spreads Katie across a pine table and fucks her face-to-face. Nico continues to fuck Katie on the table, in all positions, until he cums all over her face.

It's red frillies and white lacy hold-ups for Kimberley as she strips for the camera and fingers her pussy, while we get a few hints of her sexual past in a voice-over.

Kimberley's girl-girl tutor is Jamie Brooks, who gets her naked pretty quicky and then strips to her black pants herself. Lots of fingering, licking and spitting action as Jamie gives plenty of verbal advice. Jamie opens up Kimberley's pussy with a Rabbit, which the girls share, before Jamie demonstrates the delights of a large black vibrator.

Finally, Jim has brought along Kieran to fuck Kimberley. Keiran eases Kimberley out of her clothes, getting his cock sucked along the way, before attacking her nicely trimmed pussy with his tongue. Once she gets a cock inside her, Kimberley gets vocal and active as she's vigorously fucked in all positions, on the sofa. The scene ends with good facial.

Cool French brunette Anna is already naked but for black stockings and a stole as she describes an adventurous sexual history. Lying back on a brass bed, she works her pussy well with a big black vibrator.

Contrasting with tall, slim and cool Anna is Scots sexual dynamo Alexis May. Alexis takes some time to unbutton the front of Anna's dress, revealing rosebud nipples that Alexis devours with her mouth. Alexis and Anna eventually get naked (apart from Anna's stockings) on the bed and treat each other to a pussy workout with vibrators, in a quite sensual scene.

Anna's cool French chic even slows Tony James from his usual get-at-it technique. Once again Anna is stripped to her black stockings as Tony pushes his member into her mouth, for a fleeting moment, before Anna sticks her bum in the air for Tony to smother with lube. He then opens her pussy with his fingers, followed by his cock. The action is slow and measured as Anna permits Tony to fuck her doggy and reverse cowgirl before returning to doggy, whereupon Tony shoots over her face.

Cyprus is Jim's fourth and final performer. At 25 she's a little older than the others, which makes her stories, as she strips, more varied and salacious. Cyprus spreads out on the pine table, slowly removing her satin basque, leaving her fishnet legs spread to take a big blue dido in her wet pussy.

With Cyprus already displaying a competent sexual technique, she needs the advanced tutoring skills of Keira Pharrell. The girls lick and rub each other in the most lewd and lascivious manner. With Keira in black and Cyprus in red lingerie, there's no need to get naked as the girls ram large dildos into on another. Then Keira finds the blue strap-on and fucks Cyprus in all positions on the sofa.

Lucky Paul gets to fuck Cyprus in the bedroom. Paul gets naked and his cock is sucked by Cyprus as she strips to her fishnet stockings. The fucking is hard, fast and noisy as Cyprus takes cock in lots of positions, including piledriver. The scene ends with Cyprus sucking Paul to a climax.

There are so many good things to say about this excellent film. Once again Jim and Bob display their formidable talents in film making. With each scene simply and clearly lit, the action is crisply shot with a good mix of long shots and close ups that border on the gynaecological. The format for each girl is identical, but it hardly matters as Jim's cheesy set ups and the seemingly genuine voiceovers give the viewer unrivalled intimacy with the performers. All the girls are stunning and put in really enthusiastic performances. Only French Anna, who says she's come to England to be a pornstar, remains cool, even with Tony James' full length up her cunt. However, her slim pale body and pert breasts remind me of the stereotypical stylish French nude models of my black and white youth, so I can easily be generous towards her. Once warmed-up, Kimberley, with her long blonde ringlets, rides and shouts as good as anyone. Pale and bleach blond Katie is perfect for taking some black cock inside, but performer of the film must go to Cyprus, whose stories and delivery had me going in the solo section long before her tremendous action with Keira and then Paul.

At nearly four hours long this film is also fantastic value and the slow pace and rich content can be watched again and again. If Jim can continue to take time off from fucking the girls himself, this series should run and run. In the meantime, buy this DVD now.

Review by Bayleaf
June 2008

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