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Released: 2008
Director: Sam Stonehill
Notes: Film Erotica
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Running time: 145 mins.

A pale blue box on the shelf signifies the release of a new Film Erotica movie. With Sam Stonehill again directing, the content and quality match the clever artwork on the cover. Placing four new talents, Gabby Lee, Katie K, Kelly Marina and Theo, at the heart of the film and abandoning the standard 4 or 5 scene format could be a bit of a risk, but Sam has pulled it off with a very entertaining film which is different from the norm.

Chalet Girls charts a group of girls who have hit the upmarket resort of Chamonix in the French Alps for some skiing and sex.

After an afternoon sunbathing on the balcony, Gabby, Katie and Theo head for the bathroom for a soak. Lying in the bath, the three notice how hairy their pussies have become and decide to trim each other up before meeting up with their ski instructors.

Clarke takes Theo for a walk in the woods. Keen to show her mastery of the ski pole, she wraps her hand around his cock. Crouching in her long winter coat, Theo runs her tongue across the tip and wanks his rod between her lips. She soon ends with a mouth full of cream.

Ski instructor Steve finds the girls in the chalet, practising their movements dressed only in their underwear. He quickly spots the girls have got it all wrong. Getting them to squat, their panties ride up into their pussies. Steve suggests stripping out of the remainder of their clothes to ease their movements. Steve massages naked flesh as the three bend and stretch. Gabby and Katie take an interest in each other's tits. Theo turns to fill her mouth with Steve's shaft. Rubbing at Gabby, Katie buries her face and munches muff. Steve slips his cock into Theo's pussy. With the other girls biting her tits, Theo gets shagged on the table. Bending forward, Gabby wants some of Steve's dick. He fucks her from behind. Katie laps at Theo's freshly fucked hole. Climbing onto the sofa, Theo gets shagged spoons. Steve spurts his spunk onto her tits.

Out on the piste, the girls meet a despondent Kelly. Her boyfriend has headed off to the hills and left her alone. The girls invite her to tag along. Sitting in the chalet's sauna, the girls rub oil into each other's bodies. Katie tongues Theo's arse, then Gabby's pussy. New girl Kelly joins in fingering some fanny. Hot and sweaty, the four have a shower.

Cleaned up, the group relax on the bed reading. Katie starts to massage the other girls feet. Her hands don't stop at the ankles as she works her way up the girls' calves and thighs. Before long the four have 'daisy chained', licking each other's pussies.

Arriving back at the chalet, the girls have forgotten the key. Desperate for a pee, the four head round the back and turn the snow yellow.

Clarke arrives back from his day's skiing and is met by Kelly at the door. To warm him up, she pops his prick into her mouth. Making for the balcony, Clarke squeezes at Kelly's erect nipples then bends her over the rail to fuck her from behind. With the sun setting, the pair move into the warmth. Spread out on the dining room table, Kelly moans as Clarke thrusts in deep. The table creaks as she's shagged spoon. The pair move to a chair with Clarke sitting and Kelly easing herself onto his cock. Climbing back onto the table, it's Kelly who takes control. Crouching over Clarke, she sinks his dick into her arse. Pulling out, he comes on her tits.

Off for a cable car ride, Theo and Gabby take their minds off the height by giving Steve and Clarke a blowjob.

Dozing off after a night clubbing, the girls are woken by a rap on the door. They call on the next chalet for help. Clarke, Steve and Renee run over, but find nothing. The girls ask them to stay. Renee is up for some fun as she peels off her top and starts to suck at Steve. The sight of the two gets Kelly and Clarke horny. She pulls down his pants to get at his cock. Not wanting to be left out, Gabby, Katie and Theo strip and get ready for action. In a writhing mass of bodies, the group fuck and suck. Katie misses out on cock but makes up for it in chewing cunt. With the five girls sitting exhausted on the sofa, the boys jerk their jizz over their tits.

In breaking away from the format of equally lengthed scenes, Sam Stonehill has allowed the film to flow naturally. Some scenes only deserve a few minutes, while others require a lot longer for the action to develop before coming to a satisfactory climax. Good, too, that he has given four relatively inexperienced girls a chance to show their worth alongside one of the best of British girls, Renee Richards. Though Katie K appeared a little apprehensive at times, her performance along with Theo, Kelly Marina and Gabby Lee, all show great potential. For an easy to watch film with a difference try Chalet Girls. It's well worth it.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf's view (June 2008):

Take three girls... No, four! Actually, make that five. Let's go to the French Alps and take a couple of studs - Steve Hooper and Clarke Kent will do nicely - and let's make a very superior porn movie. And that's what Film Erotica have done.

The opening credits run over splendid vistas of snowy mountains and our three heroines, Theo, Katie K and Gaby Lee, sightseeing in a town in the French Alps. Fortunately, the sex isn't a long time coming as our trio return to their chalet for a bath and some mutual grooming. Taking a bath together, the girls shave their pubes, giving each other some extra help in those hard-to-reach cracks.

Out on the slopes, the girls meet snowboard coaches Steve and Clarke, who show them a few tricks before Theo leads Clarke up a quiet Alpine path where she swiftly releases his cock from his trousers and blows him to orgasm.

A little later, and back at their chalet, the three girls are working out in their underwear when Steve spots them through the window. He offers some fitness tips and soon has the trio bending over and touching their toes. Steve uses the old 'it's hot in here routine' to get the girls out of their bras and running on the spot. When Gabby and Katie start getting intimate with each other, Theo and Steve aren't prepared just to watch. So they too have sex on the coffee table. By now, everyone's naked. Theo gets her nipples licked by the other two as Steve pounds her in missionary. Gabby bends over Theo in a 69, so Steve changes ends and fucks her doggy style. On the sofa, Theo continues to get fucked in spoons as the other girls join in, licking and sucking. Eventually, Steve cums over Theo's pussy.

Out on the slopes again, our trio meet Kelly-Marina and enjoy a ride on the Chamonix/Mont Blanc train before all four get naked in the sauna. More mutual oiling of bodies before the action gets a little steamy. Fairly gentle action follows with plenty of kissing and rubbing as the girls shower together. Now nice and clean, but still naked, the girls continue the four-girl sexual action with an extended daisy-chain on the bed.

After spending some time in the town's bars, the four girls are bursting for a pee. Finding the chalet locked up, they nip round the back to squat in the snow. Possibly a first: a four-way reverse-squat golden shower.

Kelly-Marina is alone in the chalet when Clarke passes by. It takes only a few minutes for them to start shedding clothes and fucking on the verandah. In just her denim skirt, Kelly gets fucked doggy style. Then, moving indoors, missionary and reverse cowgirl takes place on the kitchen table.

Theo and Gabby take the ski boys on a cable car ride where they suck the guy's cocks. Then it's out for a final night on the town.

Later that night, the three girls are disturbed by some noises outside the chalet. They go next door to find Steve and Clarke (who have Kelly and Renee with them). Everyone returns to the girls' chalet. Deciding to stay together, a small orgy follows. Katie K keeps it strictly girl-girl while Renee, Gabby, Theo and Kelly fuck the boys on the sofa in a satisfying mound of bodies. Eventually, Gabby and Kelly share Clarke's cum, while Renee and Theo share Steve's. Which is where the film ends. But not before telling us it is to be continued.

This is easily one of the most ambitious British porn films of recent years, but Neville and the Film Erotica team deliver a rich and satisfying film. Apart from Renee (who only appears in the final scene), the inexperienced female cast is uniformly attractive, enthusiastic and articulate. And the sex is great too. The foreign location shooting provides opportunities - blow jobs in cable cars and pissing in the snow - but also some limitations. The film is shot entirely in the available light, which means that the bathroom and sauna scenes are dimly lit with little opportunity for close-ups. The action in the final scene, shot at night in the chalet, would have benefited from some extra lighting too, although this would undoubtedly have provided unintended viewing for the whole valley through the shutterless windows. And while the editing is technically excellent, the dodgy shooting script allows Steve to meet the girls at the chalet for the first time and ask them whether they are skiing (yes) or boarding (no). This is after he's spent the morning coaching them on snowboards. But nit-picking aside, this film is a five star slice of Britporn.

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