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Released: 2008
Director: Neville
Notes: Film Erotica
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 136 mins.

After a number of innovative releases from Film Erotica, they appear to have fallen back into their old ways with Country People, producing a hotchpotch of a film where the scenes don't hang together.

The film starts with Pascal as a road sweeper on the Embankment in London, which is just about as far away from the country as you could get. Spotting Jewels sitting by the riverside, he invites her for a ride in his white van. The pair pull into a builders' yard where Jewels puts her hand on Pascal's prick. Leaning over to the driver's seat, she pops Pascal into her mouth. Her head bobs beside the steering wheel. Jumping into the back of the van, Pascal props himself against the side while Jewels sucks at his cock. The pair position themselves on a pile of dust sheets to 69. Pascal pushes his fingers past Jewels black panties into her shaven pussy. Shuffling down Pascal's body, Jewels lowers herself onto his shaft. Her boobs come out of her tight top as she bounces. Turning onto all fours, she has her arse licked, then Pascal rams into her pussy. The session ends with Jewels being taken missionary and Pascal firing his load into her fanny.

The action moves to the countryside where Pascal is working in the garden. Katie comes out to hang her washing. Sitting on a stone, the pair have a smoke. Pascal slips his hand into Katie's turquoise top and plays with her boobs. Stripping, Katie lies back to be licked. She twists to get at his cock. Screwing her face up, Katie takes Pascal between her legs. She squeezes her tits as she's fucked. Lifting Katie up, Pascal takes her place on the stone and sits her on his dick. Easing open Katie's arse, Pascal pushes in his prick. The pair bang away doggy when Steve Hooper arrives to stick his cock in her cunt. The boys bang away at both holes. Steve departs, leaving Pascal to cum over Katie's bum.

A short section of Amber coming out of a farm shop follows which has nothing to do with the next scene.

Karlie and Steve are out for a walk by the riverside and stop to kiss in the long grass. The two head for a clump of trees and Karlie lifts her short black skirt. Steve strokes the front of her green knickers. Dropping her panties, she lets Steve lap at her pussy. His tongue darts over her clit. Unbuttoning Steve's pants, Karlie crouches, taking his cheb into her mouth. Wrapping her fingers round the shaft, she wanks. Hanging her skirt on a tree, Karlie stands on one leg and guides Steve's dick between her legs. Holding tight to each other, the two hump. Bending forward, Karlie is filled from behind. Pulling out, Steve jerks his jizz over her bum.

On a murky day, Isabella knocks on the door of the country cottage where Amber, Karlie and Tiffany are staying. Wanting to use their toilet, she disappears upstairs and wanders into Steve and Pascal's room. Spotting a chance for some fun, Pascal yanks down Isabella's pants and stuffs his fingers past her spotted knickers. Isabella falls forward, her face finding Steve's shaft. Sucking and dribbling over Steve, Isabella lets Pascal pump away at her pussy. Her white T-shirt off, Isabella's pert boobs jiggle as she's fucked. Amber, Karlie and Tiffany turn up to find Isabella bouncing on Pascal's cock. The three girls join in the action. Katie and Amber take Steve to one side, while Tiffany climbs on to the bed with Isabella. Amber drops onto Steve's dick while Karlie sits on his face. Tiffany and Isabella lap at each other and suck at cock. Swapping partners, all six romp around the bed. Karlie takes Pascal's prick in her arse. With more munching and humping, Pascal fires his cum into Isabella's mouth while Steve shoots over Karlie's face and tits.

With flat colours and flat action, Country People gives the impression of something edited together from spare scenes left over from Film Erotica's other productions. Jewel's and Pascal's cramped white van scene appears to have nothing to do with the rest of the film and was unimaginatively shot. While the section with Amber in a four wheel drive leads nowhere. By Film Erotica's recent standards Country People is poor. Let's hope they quickly find their way again.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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