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Released: 2008
Director: Sam Stonehill
Notes: Film Erotica
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Running time: 149 mins.

Film Erotica has become the 'Wish You Were Here' of the porn industry, setting their films on country breaks, skiing in the Alps and on vacation in Italy. Now they've turned their attention to a less luxurious form of holiday with Carrie Goes Camping. Clark Kent has his shrunken camper van packed and it's off across the channel for some time under canvas.

He meets Carrie at a way side station and the two head off along a narrow path to a secluded spot for a picnic. Sitting in the open van door, Clark fondles Carrie's tits and lifts them out for a lick. She drops her skirt and knickers as they kiss. Kneeling, Carrie releases Clark's cock from his trousers. Wanking on the shaft, she pops the tip between her lips. Clark flops back and Carrie slowly lowers herself onto his dick to ride reverse. Shuffling round, Carrie ends half in and half out of the van as she's fucked from behind. Turning onto her back, Carrie is shagged missionary in the shade of the van. Clark stands in bright sunlight banging away. He cums over her pussy.

Wandering through fields on the way to the beach, Lacy slips and twists her ankle. Faye spreads her towel for Lacy to sit on. Rubbing her leg, it doesn't appear too serious. Faye's hands make their way to Lacy's thighs. With birds singing overhead, the girls kiss and caress one another. Lacy's summer dress falls from her shoulders. She unbuttons Faye's top. One by one, items of clothing are discarded as the pair lick at naked flesh. Faye runs her tongue over Lacy's shaven mound, then spins to sit on her face. The girls 69 in the long grass, fingering and lapping each other's pussies. Sitting half up, Lacy quivers as she orgasms. She works on Faye's fanny and makes her climax.

Carrie, Faye and Lacy sit in a French market square, watching the world go by, when the action mysteriously jumps to Clark and Annette Schwarz in an English country lane. Entering the garden of their country cottage, Annette and Clark find Carrie smoking and swigging on beer in the garden. Dragged inside, Carry is marched up to the bathroom. Carrie is ordered to strip and Clark (who the girls now call George?) is told to fuck her doggy, over the bath. Annette lunges forward and bites on Carrie's boobs while Clark bangs away. Peeling down Annette's knickers, Carrie probes her arse with a finger. Clark sits on the edge of the bath and gets the girls to ride his cock. Climbing into the bath, Annette gets filled from behind. Carrie squeezes in beside her to take Clark's shaft. Down on the floor, Annette eases Clark into her arse. He pounds away and creams over her tits.

More shots of the girls in a French town, followed by a second out of context scene. Steve Hooper meets Jewels in the garden of the cottage. He's looking for Carrie. Getting no reply at the front, they find her round the back doing some topless sunbathing, even though the weather is poor. Steve caresses Carrie's breasts as Jewels pulls his prick from his pants. Steve slips his hands into Carrie's pink bikini bottoms and fingers her. Lifting her spotted dress, Jewels sinks down on to Steve's dick. He buries his face in Carrie's muff. The girls swap places, pinning Steve to the ground. Next, they both kneel on the table as Steve takes them doggy. With Carrie and Jewels covered in goose pimples, Steve jerks his load over their tits.

Back in France, and the three girls are having problems with their tent. Clark offers to give them a hand with the pole. Lacy has her eye on something else long and stiff. While Carrie and Faye play with each other's bodies, Lacy pulls down Clark's jeans to take mouthfuls of cock. With rain spattering the camera lens, Lacy and Clark 69 in the tent. She slides down his body and sits on his cock. Carrie takes her place on his face. Keeping dry under canvas, the girls stumble round. Carrie takes her place on Clark's cheb and Lacy pushes her pussy towards his mouth. Faye misses out on dick, preferring to finger fuck her fanny. Unable to hold back any longer, Clark shoots his spunk over Lacy's pussy. Carrie massages in the jizz.

I thought Film Erotica had turned the corner and were starting to produce some good work. With Carrie Goes Camping though, they take one step back. While they deserve credit for introducing new girls to our screens, and the stuff is decently shot, the overall impression is of a film cobbled together. A few scenes from sunny France and a couple where the girls are freezing outside among the daffodils in England, means that the film has no flow or continuity.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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