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Released: 2009
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Running time: 112 mins.

Having been a MILF, Cathy Barry has become more predatory in her hunt for guys in Extreme Cougar. Over five scenes, the busty Bristolian takes any opportunity she can to get her hands on younger guys.

Turning up at the garage, Cathy is given the bad news; her beloved car can't be repaired. Looking at the two mechanics, she lifts her top and asks if the boys can fix her boobs instead. The guys suck her nipples as she undoes the buckle on her pants. Jeans round her ankles, Cathy leans over the bonnet of a car. The mechanics lap and probe her pussy and arse. Unbuttoning their overalls, Cathy grabs the boys' cocks. Filling her mouth with one, she eases the second between her legs. Throwing an old rug on the floor, one of the guys lies flat. Cathy lowers herself onto his erect prick, then drops onto her side to be taken spoons. Down on all fours, the pair fuck Cathy doggy. She manoeuvres the two in order to be DP'd. The trio head for an old sofa where the action continues. Cathy encourages the pair as they jab away at her pussy. Unable to contain themselves any longer, the mechanics squirt their loads over Cathy's boobs.

Tottering along in her platform shoes, Cathy's out for a walk in the country when a cyclist wobbles by and falls off his bike. Helping him to his feet, Cathy takes him home to look at his injuries. It appears he's just a little stiff after his tumble. Cathy notices he's a little stiff in other ways as well. With her boobs resting on his thighs, she leans forward and laps the front of his pants. Easing her breasts out of her tight white top, the bulge in his crotch grows as he sucks at her nipples. Cathy wraps her lips around his dick. Her tongue flicks over the swollen head. Climbing onto the sofa, she spreads her legs. The guy buries his face in her pussy. Rolling a condom onto his cock, Cathy gets fucked missionary. She takes control, forcing him back on the sofa and sitting on his dick. Ready to cum, he fires his load over Cathy's tits.

Cathy opens the front door and finds herself greeting a young policeman. He's come to question her about an unpaid parking ticket. Inviting him in, Cathy protests her innocence and feels sure they can come to an agreement. Sliding down his trousers, Cathy tugs at the policeman's meat truncheon. As it stiffens up, she pops it in her mouth. Pulling down her black top, she lets the copper play with her boobs as her panties fall to the floor. The PC moves down her body and starts to tongue at her clit. Cathy takes her place on the sofa. Her legs pulled wide, the policeman eases his length deep into her pussy. Turning over on to her hands and knees, Cathy is taken from behind. The policeman falls back on the cream leather sofa with Cathy riding his cock. The pair continue shagging spoons until the PC is ready to cum. Cathy takes his spunk in her favourite place - over her tits. The parking charge still stands.

Out in the city centre, Cathy notices two workmen painting an empty shop. Ever curious, she pops in to see what they're doing. Her guided tour takes Cathy upstairs where, amongst the paint pots and brushes, she spots an old sofa. Sitting between the pair, Cathy's hands reach out for their cocks. She slowly starts to wank them, then takes each in turn in her mouth. Lifting her brown dress, the boys find Cathy has no knickers on and is ready for action. The two move in and start to lick. Undoing Cathy's bra, the guys latch onto her boobs and suck. With a dick in her mouth, Cathy slips onto the second shaft and gyrates. Moving the length to her arse, Cathy gets double-dicked. As the session continues with Cathy on all fours, one of the painters gets FCS (floppy cock syndrome) and try as she might, she cannot get him stiff. The second guy bangs away, then cums on Cathy's bum.

Wrapped in only a towel, Cathy opens the door to the plumber. He's not expected till later in the day. Taking him to the bathroom, Cathy lets her towel fall open as she explains the problem with her pipes. Seeing her boobs, the plumber too has a problem in his boiler suit. Cathy bends down to examine. Releasing his tool, Cathy starts to suck as her fingers furiously rub at her fanny. Moving between her legs, his tongue darts and dances over Cathy's pierced clit and pussy lips. Kneeling on the edge of the bath, Cathy's boobs swing and sway as she's banged from behind. She pushes the plumber to the floor and mounts his cock. Rolling onto their sides, the two shag away. The plumber ends by showering Cathy in cum.

Cathy Barry is one of the few performers who has both the ability and the on screen presence to carry a whole film by herself. Although some of her supporting studs are not so up to the mark, Cathy doesn't let this phase her, making do with what's available while still producing some very watchable scenes. Extreme Cougar may not be Cathy's greatest film, but it's still good and a must for all of her fans.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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