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Released: 2009
Director: Strangelove
Notes: Harmony, widescreen
Alternate Titles
  • Soumissions Marc Dorcel
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 218 mins.

When it comes to hot erotic films, Harmony are in the Champions League with movies from directors Gazzman, Tanya Hyda and now, Strangelove. Cunning Stunts (surely a spoonerism) is a masterpiece of eroto-fetish entertainment featuring three of Britain's and three of Europe's hottest talents.

In the first scene, Ian Tate finds himself in an operating theatre where nurse Cindy Dollar is about to start work on his cock.

Jay stares at the monitor of his CCTV system as Tanya approaches the building. Through the door, she lets her coat fall to the floor as she climbs the stairs in a black basque and seamed stockings. Entering a room which is a cross between a high class auction house and a junk shop, she finds a sofa and sits. Andy and Jay move towards her, their cocks hanging out of their suit trousers. Tanya reaches out with her gloved hands. Grabbing the guys' dicks, she guides them towards her mouth. Lips wrapped round the boys' shafts, she slowly wanks at their lengths. The boys prise open Tanya's pussy and push in their fingers while she sucks at their chebs. Tanya turns. Jay slips his member in as she crouches on all fours. Swapping places, she gets spit-roasted. Tanya's legs splayed, the two bang away before suspending her in a hoist to fuck her some more. Back on the ground, Tanya waits for her face to be coated in cum.

Climbing the stairs, Michelle Moist finds a bright orange chair on the landing. Lifting her black baby-doll negligée, she takes a seat. The camera lingers and follows her red-painted fingernails as they make their way to her pussy. In a room to the side, Cate Harrington is on all fours, her bum high in the air, flicking through a book of erotic images. Reaching between her legs, Cate starts to stroke. On the stairs, Michelle masturbates with a large pink dildo. Cate teases herself with a bulbous rod. Changed into a striped body stocking, Michelle gazes at Cate in her fishnets as she plays with her pussy. She moves to the bathroom and licks and sucks her own boobs. Michelle watches from the door. The girls head for a bed and taking mouthfuls of minges before filling each other with toys. Back in the bathroom, the pair climb into the shower. Their soapy bodies are pressed against the glass sided cubical.

Next we see Aliz in a steamy photography session with Ian, before Sarah Twain finishes the film with a good hard scene with Clark and Jay.

Cunning Stunts has just about everything you want in a film. Cleverly set up and exquisitely shot, it combines gorgeous girls and guys in a great mix of sizzling hot boy/girl and girl/girl scenes. One to add to your must watch list.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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