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Released: 2009
Director: Jazz Duro
Notes: Evil Angel
Alternate Titles
  • Jazz Duro's Cheek Freaks 8
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 136 mins.

Watching 'Cheek Freaks 8', something doesn't seem quite right with the way the four scenes, starring Mayara Shelson, Nikki Rio, Pamela Butt and Nikki Jayne, hang together. Then you realise half the movie has been shot in wide screen, while Nikki Jayne's section has two broad black lines down either side of the frame. Stylistically, the scenes differ too. Nikki Jayne's section is more rough and tumble than the rest of the film, making you think it could have been shot for another movie.

Wandering up a marble staircase, Jazz pushes open a door to reveal Nikki fingering herself through her panties in the bathroom. She stands as he enters and jabs a glass toy into her arse. Grabbing Nikki's red net top, Jazz kisses her. His hand moves to her pussy. She squeals as he thrusts in his fingers and slaps her bum. Clipping a collar round Nikki's neck, Jazz pulls her to the floor and works away with his hand until she's dripping wet. An inflatable plug fills her pussy. Grasping at his pants, Nikki pulls out his length. Jazz holds her long blonde hair as she swallows his cock up to his balls and gags. Sitting between Jazz's legs, Nikki tugs at Jazz's dick. Her tongue probes his arse. Reaching down, he smacks her clit. Bent over the bath, Jazz hammers into Nikki's pussy and arse. Next she's on the floor for more pounding, missionary. The scene ends with Nikki getting a mouth full of cream. Red-faced, she sucks every last drop from the prick.

With an inconclusive ending to Nikki Rio's scene, the rough nature of Nikki Jane's section and inconsistent production, I found 'Cheek Freaks 8' a bit of a turn off.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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