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Released: 2009
Director: D. Kingdom
Notes: Film Erotica
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Running time: 106 mins.

Following on from their jobs as Chalet Girls, the girls have stayed on in Chamonix for more sex in the snow.

Sorting through their clothes, Gabby, Katie and Theo are wandering nude round the chalet when Clark and Steve come calling. Sitting Steve in a chair, Theo slips down his jeans and wraps her lips round his dick. Clark climbs onto the bed with the other girls. Gabby grabs at his cock and sucks, while Katie licks at Gabby's pussy and fingers her arse. On the other side of the room, Theo sinks her shaven snatch down on to Steve's shaft and rides reverse. The gang come together on the bed. Katie eases a vibrator into her arse while Gabby and Theo get filled by the boys. Gabby and Theo lie side-by-side to be fucked missionary. Katie holds her damp fanny over the girls' faces to be licked. Steve shoots his load onto Theo's lips. Clark cums on Gabby's pussy.

The three girls head to the shower, soap their bodies and press themselves together.

Out for a walk in the woods, Clark and Steve find Kelly Marina sitting on a rock. Not wanting to leave her out in the cold they invite her back to the chalet. Peeling off her huge jumper, the boys caress and play with her boobs. Dropping to her knees, Kelly unzips their flies and pops the boys' pricks in her lips. Steve cums quickly in her mouth. Clark follows, firing onto her tongue.

Lost in the woods, Carrie is cold and lonely when rescuer Keni finds her. Before she can be taken back to safety he needs to check her over. Undoing her jacket, he squeezes at Carrie's boobs. Lifting them out of her black bra, Keni bites at her nipples. Slipping down her jeans, Carrie holds Keni's head at her crotch. His tongue works its way past her panties and into her pussy. Stripped, Carrie crouches down on Keni's coat and sucks at his cheb. He turns her round to fuck doggy. Down on the ground, Keni lowers Carrie onto his cock. The two drop onto their sides to shag. Kneeling on a pile of leaves, Carrie guides Keni back into her pussy. Pulling out, he cums in her cleavage.

Katie is raiding the kitchen in the chalet when Renee catches her. Bent over her knees, Renee pulls at Katie's tight jeans and spanks her bum till her cheeks are rosy red. Renee can't resists the look of Katie's young fresh arse and starts to lick. Pawing away at her panties, she slips in a finger which makes Katie shriek with pleasure. It's hot work punishing the kitchen thief. Renee removes her top and Katie strips. Slipping down Renee's body, Katie tongues at her pierced clit. Rolling over, Renee plonks her pussy on Katie's face. The two girls kiss.

Hiking back from the village with some bread, Gabby catches up with Clark. The two head to the chalet to warm up in front of the wood fire. Stripped to her red and black lingerie, Gabby invites Clark to share the sofa. As she nibbles at Clark's ear, he slides his hand into her panties. Boobs out of her bra, he bites at the nipples. Taking hold of Clark's length, Gabby laps at his balls. He plays with her hair as she sucks his dick. Knickers off, Gabby's opens her legs to be licked. Clark thrusts in missionary. Flat on her stomach, Gabby is entered from behind. Pushing herself onto all fours, the two hammer away doggy. The session ends with Clark squirting his spunk over Gabby's bum.

Watching Chamonix Mont Blanc, none of the scenes hang together and it seems the film has been made from the cast offs from Chalet Girls. It's a pity as the film has a strong, young cast, but the overall package just doesn't click.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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