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Released: 2011
Director: Ted D
Notes: JoyBear Pictures
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Running time: 102 mins.

Aspiring journalist Chloe (played by Paige) investigates the allure of celebrities and casual sex in a series of articles for her column. Before long she's participating as well as reporting sex amongst the stars.

Jamie Berry and camera woman Honey Demon have arranged a shoot for hot new boxing prospect, Kia. Paige has been invited along to boost his profile. Photography over, Paige takes Kia aside for an interview. He leans forward to steal a kiss. Throwing away her notebook, Paige lunges at the boxer. His trousers down, she licks her way along his man meat. Blouse and bra off, Paige lies back in her chair and wriggles out of her jeans. Kia stoops down and tongues her shaven snatch. Next door, Jamie has similar ideas and strips Honey. Cutting between the two pairs, Jamie and Honey fuck on the windowsill while Paige kneels on a chair to be taken doggy. Kia sits himself down and settles Paige onto his cheb. Paige turns to ride cowgirl. Her bum gets spattered in cum.

In an exclusive night club, Paige is about to enter the toilets when she spots Tammy and Hannah, in sparkling black dresses, kissing. She pauses in the doorway to watch. The girls stroke and rub each other's bodies, then turn their attention to a guy resting against the hand basins. Crouching, the pair pull at his pants and unbutton his shirt. Running their nails down his chest, they take turns to swallow his shaft. Wrapping their fingers around his girth, the two wank him until he shoots his load in Tammy's mouth. Paige leaves to write up her experience.

Dozing on the sofa, Paige is startled by the phone ringing. Jamie is unhappy about the exposé she has written on Kia. The phone rings again. Her publishers want more of her work and send her to see artists Havana and Holly. At the studio the girls are candid with Paige that sex inspires their art and how understanding each other's needs and desires helps with their work. Interview over, Holly kneels on the floor to continue her painting. Havana uses the arm from a mannequin to pull at her panties. Lying in the middle of the work, Havana teases and pulls at Holly's pussy. Stripped, the pair squirm around on the floor. To the sound of ripping paper the girls activities become more intense as they lap and lick at clits. Fingers in pussies, the pair writhe, destroying Holly's painting in the process.

Calling on Paige to try and sort out the 'Kia' issue, Jamie's plans for a snog fails with a smack across the face. He leaves for a session of sex with Ann Marie La Sante.

With fame and notoriety from her column, the tables are turned and Paige becomes the subject of an interview. Clark tries to find out what makes her tick and soon finds out as she takes his dick in her mouth. On a once grand staircase, Paige strips and kneels to suck. Backed into a corner, she lifts her leg onto the handrail. Clark rams his cock home. Draped over the banister, Paige is entered doggy. Her breasts rub against the rail. Standing on one leg, the banging continues. Paige jerks at Clark's length till he fires his jizz on her tongue.

Realising he was wrong about the article, Jamie calls to apologise to Paige. As they sit on the sofa his hands are drawn to her boobs which are encased in a tight white T-shirt. Instead of a slap, Paige drops her pants to let Jamie lick at her pussy. Nice and wet, the two shag missionary. Jamie is dripping in sweat as he lowers Paige onto his staff. After tasting her juices from Jamie's dick, the pair lie on their sides for some spooning. Ready to cum, Jamie shoots into Paige's mouth.

Joy Bear have put together a nice plot-based movie and in Paige they have a girl who can carry a story as well as produce hot sex. The supporting actresses and actors are also good, although Hannah and Tammy fans may have wanted a little more screen time from the girls. Well made and with a decent mix of boy/girl and girl/girl action, Chloe's Column: Fuck Fame is an enjoyable watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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