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Released: 2010
Director: Blacky Mendez
Notes: Film Erotica
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 95 mins.

Using the same locations and almost the same cast, Country Cousins could be considered as The River Cottage part 2. There are subtle differences, however. Here, Tiffany Doll is the girls' continental cousin who is visiting in order to experience England.

In their short denim dungarees, Hannah and Lexi go down to the station to meet cousin Tiffany. On the long walk back the trio are stopped by Steve Hooper who offers them a lift in his new car. Seeing the bulge in his crotch, Hannah and Lexi are more interested in getting their lips around his cock than getting home. Steve is pinned to the driver's seat as the two suck his shaft. Back at the cottage the four of them head to the garden. Spread out on a rug, Steve lets the girls pull at his prick. Stripping, Lexi plonks her pussy on Steve's face. Hannah follows Lexi's lead and, her knickers discarded, slides down his cock. Unsure as to what's going on, Tiffany fingers herself as she watches the two being fucked. Hannah lies back on the rug to be filled missionary. Steve rolls off and Lexi climbs onto his cheb. The two jerk Steve's jizz over Tiffany's bare back.

On a cold and breezy day on Dartmouth waterfront, Tiffany sits on a bench. Joining her, Jasmine says she has an hour off work and the two make for the cottage. Telling Jasmine she's inexperienced when it comes to sex, Tiffany does let slip that she likes being spanked. Skirt up, she lies across Jasmine's legs to have her bum smacked. Jasmine can feel Tiffany's panties becoming damper and damper with each whack. Slipping down her trousers and knickers, Jasmine also gets turned on by having her bum slapped. Stretched out across Tiffany's lap, her cheeks soon glow a rosy red. Tiffany's fingers find their way into Jasmine's fanny. She follows up with her tongue. Jasmine sits with her legs akimbo, squeezing her boobs while Tiffany licks between her legs. 69'ing, the girls explore each other's bodies, rubbing and tonguing one another to climax.

Arm-in-arm with Jasmine and Chloe, Clark takes the girls back to the cottage. With the wine flowing, the girls start to feel horny. When Clark leaves the room the pair start to kiss. Her teal dress slipping off her shoulders, Jasmine lets Chloe at her boobs. Top and bra off, the two sit spread-legged on the sofa, licking and pawing at each other. Clark returns to a scene of muff munching. Pulling out his prick, he adds it to the mix. Lapping at his length, the pair take turns putting the tip between their lips. Chloe lies back to be shagged, missionary. Jasmine crouches over her face. Both girls kneel by the fireplace. Clark bangs into them doggy style. Grabbing his cock, Jasmine jerks Clark's cum into Chloe's mouth.

Sipping wine with Hannah and Lexi, Tiffany is asked about her sexual experiences and whether she has tried anal. Knickers off, she bends over and eases her fingers into her bum. The sight of their hot French cousin prodding herself gets Lexi and Hannah going. Panties off, they lap at each other's moist pussies. Lexi and Tiffany's 69'ing is interrupted by Clark peering through the window. The girls invite him in to get at his cock. Stripped, Clark lies back with his prick erect and the three girls tonguing it. His length nice and wet, Tiffany straddles him and slowly sinks down. Hannah and Lexi play with each other as Tiffany is placed on her back to be shagged missionary. Turning on to all fours, Clark eases his cheb into Tiffany's arse and slowly pounds away. Ready to cum, the girls wank his load over Tiffany's tits and stomach. She massages in the cream.

Visit over, Tiffany makes her way back to the station.

Unfortunately Country Cousins suffers from the problems which plague its 'sister' film The River Cottage: poor lighting and unsteady camera work. The three indoor scenes all have a distinct orange tinge, giving the girls a slightly jaundiced hue. The outdoor action is better, but the performers look freezing. Country Cousins is not at the top of my 'Watch Again' list.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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