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Released: 2011
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Bristol beauty Cathy introduces four very average scenes in another episode of this long running series.

Cathy and Renee are flatmates. When Renee leaves for work Cathy calls ex-boyfriend Omar to let him know the coast is clear for him to pop over. But just as Cathy is stripped down to her bra and bouncing on Omar's cock, Renee returns having forgotten her phone. Renee is not best pleased that Cathy is back with bad boy Omar. However, the sight of his big black cock is too much and so, after giving it a good suck Omar is soon fucking her from behind. The girls share Omar's cock in most positions on a sofa with Renee ending up naked getting it doggystyle again. Ends with a joint facial.

Cathy and Charmaine are making a dirty movie together directed by husband, Phil. The girls arrange themselves and their 'it' on the sofa. Then, stripped down to bra (Cathy) and basque (Charmaine) they rub and toy with each other to noisy but unconvincing orgasms.

Cathy and Frazer Fox undress each other and fuck on a white leather sofa. Cathy introduces the scene as she and Frazer get dirty in the hot tub. But while the Jacuzzi bubbles away the action is on the sofa and, eventually, on the floor as Cathy bounces naked on Frazers cock, reverse cowgirl. Ends with a facial.

While Frazer watches, Cathy and Angel get it together on the sofa. With encouragement from Frazer, Cathy, by now pretty much naked, sits astride Angel's black strap-on. Cathey gets fucked doggy by the black member. Michelle arrives. The three girls kiss and finger each other on an increasingly crowded sofa. The black strap-on returns as Angel fucks Michelle.

This looks like old material an while the production is professional enough as one would expect from Phil Barry these are pretty uninspired scenes from performers who have done much better stuff elsewhere. Interesting to see Charmaine Sinclair back in action but all that she displays here is age but not experience.

One for diehard Cathy Barry fans only I fear.

Review by Bayleaf
June 2012

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