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Released: 1990
Director: Hans Moser as Sascha Alexander
Notes: SAP/SLY/SYC, DVD MIke Hunter MHI 013, also DVD Team Video Plus, Denmark
Alternate Titles
  • Dirty Woman Part 4: The Welcome Stranger
Notes and Reviews

c. 1990. Dir. Sascha Alexander

  • Sybille Rauch plays Stella
  • Joey Silvera plays a psychiatrist
  • Sean Michaels plays an associate of Joey Silvera
  • Suraya Jamal plays an associate of Joey Silvera
  • T.T. Boy as Tony T. plays a peeping tom
  • Roberto Malone

Sybille has another consultation with Joey and tells him of how she had sex with peeping tom T.T. Boy.

Then Suraya Jamal has sex with Joey, anal, facial.

Finally Sybille is having sex with Roberto Malone when T.T. Boy spies on her again and again breaks in. She invites him to join in and there is a threesome, including DP and one facial.

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