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Notes and Reviews

Titles say Dott. Max Back To England. An Italian video featuring girls of the Kool Klass agency.

  • Anne-Marie takes a facial
  • Kelly Hearne, facial, anal
  • Sammi, a brunette, anal. Briefly joined by Lisa Stretton, Vanessa Brannan and Stephanie for some oral. (Vanessa falls down the stairs and collapses in a giggling heap)
  • Juliette Muir, calling herself Samantha, DP, facial
  • Kirstyn Halborg, anal
  • Ends with a preview of Dr. Max in England featuring Vivienne Perello, Sonja, Vanessa Brannan, Stephanie (DP), Kelly Stafford (no sex), Maxine, Lisa Stretton, Anne-Marie and Kelly Hearne

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