< Dr. Max in England DVD available

Director: Maxx Bellocchio
Alternate Titles
  • Max et les Anglaises DVD available France, Telsev
Notes and Reviews

Kirstyn and Kelly Stafford flit in and out between the main scenes and on one occasion so does Kelly Hearne

  • Vivienne Perello and male, anal, facial
  • Vanessa Brannan, Stephanie [2] and two men, DP for Stephanie, DPP for Vanessa, two joint facials, the first of which is poor
  • Lisa Stretton (as Ashleigh) and male, begins in garden then carries on indoors, anal, facial
  • Maxine and male, Kelly Hearne joins in briefly as does Anne Marie doing blowjobs on two men while Maxine takes a break. Maxine continues with anal and facial
  • Sonja and male, anal, facial

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