< Dr. Neil Down Sex Therapist: The Doctor's In Session 8

Notes and Reviews

Condoms throughout.

1. Veronica's Story - Veronica is one of the Russian twins - probably Sascha. Phil Mycock is not in this scene. Sex with Neil Down who cums over her body.

2. Amy's Story - Amy is Jaime Leigh in her second Neil Down appearance. This time she takes an apparent anal and DP (i.e. no medium distance shots so not absolutely sure no body double used, but no reason to think there was). Cumshots over body.

3. Melissa's Story - Melissa is Trixie Diamond. She has sex with both and anal is implied. Cumshots over chest.

4. Kerry's Story - Kerry is Joanne [2]. This is the best scene as Joanne looks too sweet to do porn and the contrast between her looks and her behaviour is erotic. The idea is that she wants to know about toys, but there isn't much dildo work before Neil and Phil get involved. Finger DP, bjs, anal, cumshots over body and pussy.

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