< Dr. Neil Down Sex Therapist: The Doctor's In Session 9

Notes and Reviews

Although the format is more than a little stale, this one has some great girls to recommend it.

  • Roberta's Story - Bev Cocks, in her brunette phase and looking great, is Roberta and wants to try anal sex. She does and also takes a cowgirl DP and cumshots over tits.
  • Wendy's Story - Wendy (Maria Glasgow, legs as ever up to her armpits) doesn't think her pussy gets wet enough. Neil and Phil do their best to prove her wrong and she takes cumshots over her body with a part facial.
  • Sarah Jane's Story - Sarah Jane's boyfriends haven't been big enough. Sarah-Jane is Elaine, previously seen only in a couple of One-Eyed Jack scenes and making a welcome appearance here. The scene includes dildo anal and DP and ends in two facials.
  • Tina's Story - Tina (Kelly Aris) wants to have sex in the middle of a pub. She takes on Neil and Phil on a pool table in an unfortunately empty bar, including a brief DP and cumshots over her body. There are a few too many 'cable' camera angles in this scene but Kelly is great.

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