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Notes: Footprint DD1
Notes and Reviews

Dr. Disgusting is a porn producer who can't wait to get his hands on the girls he auditions. Really over the top sleazy performance which makes it unreal, which is fortunate as otherwise it would be offensive as he and his crew grope the girls and then gangbang them.

  • Tracy Williams, begins by being groped by Dr. Disgusting and ends taking on four men, anal, facial
  • While the above is going on, a tall mature brunette called Anna enters for an audition, is groped, gives bjs but eventually leaves in a huff
  • Angie Cooper as Patricia follows a similar sequence, anal, three facials
  • Omar and Jamila Davis are watched by Dr. Disgusting and another bloke from behind the couch. When Omar has left after giving his facial they persuade her to carry on with them and another bloke (Dr. D groping only), more facials

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