< Dr. Neil Down Sex Therapist: The Doctor's In Session 10

Released: 2000
Director: Neil Down
Notes and Reviews

The usual stuff. Condoms used.

1. Hayley's Story - Hayley is Sam [3] - her fiancé can't get it up and blames her. Neil and Phil convince her in the usual way that it is not her fault. Cumshot over tits.

2. Robyn's Story - Robyn is Heidi. A rare b/g scene for her. Her boyfriend is too shy to enact her fantasies. They blindfold her, but as with other scenes in this series, the fantasies are not well enacted and don't last long. It soon turns into the usual routine. Dildo used at one point. Cumshot over tits.

3. Sharon's Story - Sharon is Amanda Dawkins who has a fantasy to make love to a naval officer. See above comment about fantasies. Amanda enlivens the scene, being better at the banter than Neil and Phil. Cumshot over body.

4. Kathleen's Story - Kathleen (as yet unidentified, brunette, wears spectacles, tattoo left shoulder) wants her pleasure zones to be liberated. Cumshot over tits.

A shame better use wasn't made of the talents of Amanda and Heidi. The action is routine and we don't see it well enough.

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