< Dr. Neil Down Sex Therapist: The Doctor's In Session 12

Notes and Reviews
  • Hope's Story - Hope (a large African lady, presumably Keisha) has been masturbating too much and wants the real thing. She gets it, ending in a cumshot over her bum.
  • Adrianna's Story - Adrianna (Sandra Sayer) has a craving for bald guys - cue the skull cap for Phil but this doesn't stay on long. Cumshot over tits.
  • Tania's Story - Tania is Laura Turner and we go straight into the scene without the usual Neil down chat and find her on the bed with Neil. They are talking to each other on their mobiles. There aren't many better dirty talkers than Laura and possibly only Kelly Stafford is more likely to steal a scene and shape it to her own preferences. Laura does this here which makes this a much better scene than usual for this series. It ends with a cumshot over her bum, but this is Laura, so there had to be at least one facial, and there was.
  • Lolita's Story - Lolita is Lacey. She has been having dreams about American cops. Cue another silly costume, though why Neil and Phil confuse American cops with cowboys, don't ask me. The usual scene ends with cumshots over tits, one a part facial.

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