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Released: 2001
Director: Dave Roberts
Notes: No Holds Barred Series. Shiny Films
Notes and Reviews
  • Morrigan_Hel in red rubber outfit hires a girl to come round and give her pleasure, specifying someone who likes rubber and has big boobs. Delilah turns up and there follows a lesbian scene with finger fucking, dildo and vibrator action.
  • Tiffany Walker on the bed wearing black rubber (or leather or PVC - shiny anyway) thigh boots cum cowboy leggings. Solo action including dildo up her behind with a vibrator on her clit at the same time.
  • Erika Winstanley more conventionally dressed, solo on bed.

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Running time: 52 mins.

Press the play button and with no titles and no music Dirty Girls 1 suddenly starts. Morrigan, in a red sculpted latex bra and skirt, fingers herself whilst a TV blares away in the background making it sound as if the scene was shot in a swimming pool. Her rubber skirt squeaks as she rolls it up over her bum to caress her arse. She phones for an escort. Cherry turns up, her voluptuous bosoms popping out of the top of her corseted red rubber top. Morrigan bends forward and her bum is smeared from Cherry's lipstick as she licks her arse. The girls rub themselves together and the rubber gear creaks and twangs. With the camera going into and out of focus, Morrigan opens her legs to have her fanny fingered. The camera work and angles get no better as Cherry bends to have both holes stuffed with fingers. The screen goes black for 15 seconds. When the picture returns Morrigan is lying on a white sofa with Cherry running a vibrator over her clit. She moves to the floor where the toy is taken deeper. Licking off the juices, Cherry has a turn with the vibe between her legs. With it nice and wet, Morrigan holds it against her tits. The girls kiss and the scene ends.

After what seams like an eternity (55 seconds) the second scene starts. Tiffany Walker lies on a blue bedspread in her shiny black PVC basque and thigh length boots. Rolling onto her stomach, Tiffany eases a small red vibe into her arse while rubbing her clit with a larger white toy. Turning back, the toy pops out of her bum as she massages her clit with a vibe. The scene ends as it started in total silence.

Another minute of black screen and then the final scene. Erika, in her white top, split-side black skirt and stockings, enters the bedroom. Closing the door she retrieves a magazine from the wardrobe. Lying on the bed she flicks through the pictures, her finger rubs the front of her purple silk panties. Kneeling, Erika's hand runs between her legs and she pulls at her pierced clit. Stripped to her stockings, Erika stands against the wall and caresses her body. Jumping back on the bed she takes a large pink dildo and inserts it into her pussy, a few slow strokes and the film abruptly ends.

This must be one of the worst produced films I have seen - out of focus, wobbly, girls with half their heads chopped off and the camera work missing the action. On top of this there are the long sections of nothingness between scenes, dodgy colour and the sudden ending of scenes. If you ever see Dirty Girls on the shelf, run a mile.

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