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Notes: Pumpkin Films
Notes and Reviews

The hard version of a couple of Adult Channel episodes from this series. Unlike some other attempts, this was certainly filmed with both hard and soft versions in mind so that it is not just the TAC version with a few hard out-takes restored.

In the first scene Laura Hermenson is in bed with her husband dreaming of someone better, actually two better someones - Steve Hooper and Aaron. Aaron appears in her dream first, goes down on her and gets a bj. Steve then appears and joins in. The sex is hard and vigorous, includes anal and DP and two facials. However, there is a bit too much slow motion stuff and the DP is not shown in a full body shot with both penetrations visible so that cynics could say that a body double might have been used as the simultaneous penetrations are shown clearly only in close up. However, an enjoyable scene.

In the second scene Michelle Thorne is awakened in her hospital bed by a nurse (Laura Taylor - aka Laura Meadows) in a very short tunic. Vigorous lesbian sex follows in which Michelle takes a dildo DP. I'm not a fan of g/g scenes but I enjoyed this one.

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