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Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Cyber Sex

Katie-Ann Day sits at the computer and runs a program which brings her fantasy to life (or something like that anyway). She finds herself lying on a couch watching Emma Giles (or is it Miles) giving Calvin a blow job. Katie masturbates and then Tracy Lasky appears to give her a hand (and a tongue). Emma and Calvin proceed to full sex, but there are not enough explicit shots of this and the concentration tends to be on Katie and the very enthusiastic (and gorgeous) Tracy. At one point Tracy sits on the arm of Emma and Calvin's couch and masturbates herself vigorously. Calvin eventually cums over Emma's chest, though she seems to have been preparing herself for a facial - he doesn't get there in time. Maybe the concentration was on the lesbian couple because Calvin may have been having problems or maybe they just needed another camera.

Estate Agent

Laura Hermenson discusses properties with client Pete the Meat while trainee Emma Miles (or is it Giles) listens in. Laura drifts off into a fantasy where she has sex with Pete over the desk with Emma helping out with a bit of cock-sucking and lesbian action. Laura looks magnificent in her dark black stockings and gives her usual top performance. The scene ends in an attempted facial, but since Pete is on his back and the two girls are sucking him from above, gravity wins and little gets to their tongues.

This is a promising series, though I think there were a few teething problems with this particular tape. I also wish they would give up on the idea of background music, but, on the whole, more please.

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