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This is a collection of two R18 features from Pumpkin films. There are four scenes, about two hours of material.

Scene one features Carla Flute as a schoolgirl, being 'taught' by her schoolmaster boyfriend in a schoolroom. Very quickly the lesson is abandoned in favour of shagging on top of the desk instead.

The major problem with this scene is that the guy does not look old enough to be a teacher, spoiling the illusion created by the costuming and a well prepared set. Nothing wrong with the sex though.

Scene two features Taylor Morgan, as Taylor, and Kerry Gold (Kerry Nixon) coming across a woodcutter (or should that be woodman ?!?) in the forest. Taylor has sex with the guy, with Kerry assisting and providing a pussy to lick on, but not engaging in boy/girl sex herself.

Scene three features Baby, having a bubble bath. A guy strolls in and they go at it on the side of the bathtub. The guy is well-endowed for someone of Baby's size and she takes quite a pounding.

The final scene is actually two interconnected sex scenes. Cathy Barry and Jessica are sitting on a sofa indoors. They start making out and are observed by Taylor Morgan and Pete, through the window. While Cathy and Jessica take turns licking each others pussies, using vibrators and a double-ended dildo, Taylor and Pete have sex outdoors. Taylor takes a facial at the end of what is the best of the four scenes.

When two sex scenes are supposedly happening simultaneously, film-makers often shoot them separately and edit them together quite poorly. Here, the producer has done a much better job of preserving continuity - for when we are watching Cathy and Jess on the sofa, Taylor and Pete can been seen having sex in the background, through the window.

All the scenes use the same story cliche: After the sex scene, the girl wakes up to realize it was all a dream. In keeping with other porno traditions, the background music gets annoying. Putting these niggles aside, this video has excellent production values (locations, lighting, editing etc.) making it a mile away from the usual gonzo Brit-flicks. Whether this makes the movie more erotic probably depends on individual viewing tastes. The sex scenes, whilst explicit, are probably a little tamer than most. Specifically, fans of anal sex will note there is little/none in this film.

Review by Mr Anon

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