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Released: 2001
Director: Mark Matthews
Notes and Reviews

This a series of linked vignettes based around the excellent Carly G feeling horny all the time.

First we see her using a dildo in the kitchen and making herself late for work in the process. Arriving at work she is scolded by her boss, Mark Matthews, who gives her some typing to do, urgently. However, as soon as he leaves the room she puts a VCD in her computer. This shows Kerry Matthews in the conservatory seen so often on TVX and TAC, masturbating and then having sex with the black window cleaner. Meanwhile Carly has got another dildo out of her desk drawer, rather than getting on with the typing. On screen the window cleaner goes down on Kerry, gets a blowjob and then fucks her, cumming over her pussy.

Mark returns to find out that virtually no work has been done and tells Carly off again. But she drifts over to the window, sees Suzi Jarman waiting for a bus and has a fantasy about a lesbian session with her. Fade to this scene where the strap-ons come out and are used very effectively.

Mark comes back again and finds Carly masturbating at the window. His patience snaps and he threatens her with the sack. She begs him for mercy and, of course, offers herself in return. This is a temptation he is unable to resist - and who could? He gets a blow job, fucks her over her desk and uses a dildo on her. This includes doggy anal and he cums over her bum.

This is a very basic porn plot but works very well, much better than an attempt to use a non-sex plot to link sex scenes would have done. The girls look great, especially in their stockings and the acting isn't bad. The scenes are shorter than what has become the usual porn standard, which is another plus point in my book.

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