< Dr. Blue's Slut Hunt: The Hunt for the Ultimate Slut

Notes: Strand SP039
Alternate Titles
  • Dr. Blue's Slut Hunt Vol. 1 R18 DVD available
Notes and Reviews

Thanks to Strand for the review copy.

Dr. Bettina Blue (Claudia [2]) and her assistant Johnny are searching for the ultimate slut, and it is not just looks but personality and behaviour that will qualify the applicants that they interview.

The first to be interviewed is Simone-Claire. After some chat she is asked to make a practical demonstration of her sluttiness. She changes into a long slinky dress and strips in front of Claudia and Johnny - but slowly enough to build up a bit of suspense. This leads to a blow job for Johnny. Then there is a knock on the door and the room service waiter comes in. Simone shows how slutty she is by getting him to join in. He gets a blow job while Johnny fucks her. This ends in two facials.

The search continues and we see Josephine James and Donna Marie in a hotel room with a male minder (John?). Mark enters the room by mistake and Jo persuades the minder to let him stay. A threesome follows which becomes a foursome when the minder joins in. This enables more variations and the girls do anal side by side at one point. Both do anal in various positions, share facials and swap cum.

Then we see Bettina masturbating in the bath and talking dirty. She is by no means a teen, but is in great shape.

Bettina then interviews two males - as the ultimate slut will require studs to be slutty with. She decides to 'audition' them herself and takes them both (and a dildo) on at once, culminating in anal (doggy and reverse cowgirl), reverse cowgirl DP and facials straight into the mouth.

This was a very enjoyable film with a bit of a story, some good acting and some build up of tension. It certainly got me going. More of similar please!

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