< Dr. Neil Down's Video Casebooks Session 3 R18 DVD available

Notes and Reviews

This R18/DVD contains hardcore versions of scenes from the Adult Channel series. It contains 4 scenes, rather than the 5 of the prior volume:

  • Becky's Story - Becky is Jane Hayes, facials. Scene repackaged from Vol 4.
  • Tracey's Story - Jeanny Bukes is looking for blowjob tuition. Neil and Phil are happy to oblige, this develops into the standard sex scene. Condoms used. Scene repackaged from Vol 2.
  • Katie's Story - "Katie" is Joanne Pauly and she has a fantasy of having sex with a woman. The woman is "Mary" (actually Hannah Coleman, supposedly Neil Down's assistant). A lesbian scene occurs but both girls give Neil Down (on camera) a blowjob at the end and share a facial. The scene is repackaged from Vol 1, with the titling and "chronology" now being correct.
  • Rachel's Story - Rachel is Tracy-Ann. She wants to be a slave to sex. Condoms used. Scene repackaged from Vol 7.

Notes by Mr Anon

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