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Released: 2002
Director: El Roberto
Notes: Simon Wolf
Alternate Titles
  • Jessica Drake's Dripping Wet Sex 4
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 106 mins.

Tall blonde American star Jessica Drake introduces and gets involved in each of the six scenes in Dripping Wet Sex. Appearing alongside the British girls Flick and Layla~Jade are Holly Hollywood, Stormy, Ann Marie and the legendary Felecia.

The third scene is almost an all British affair with Flick appearing with Mark Davis. The couple sit on the sofa kissing and Mark's hands wander over Flick's body, undoing her purple bra and making their way into her knickers. Where his hands have been his tongue follows, playing with Flick's nipples then sinking down between her legs. Jessica joins from the sidelines to taste Flick's pussy juices then watches as the two fuck. Her eyes closed, Flick gasps as Mark probes her pussy with his prick. Kneeling, her make-up running, she swallows Mark's meat to savour the flavours. Flick mounts the saliva-soaked shaft, grinding her clit into Mark's balls, then easing it into her bum and rocking back and forth. Turning, Mark continues to bang at Flick's bum, her pussy lips flapping with each thrust. Opening her mouth, Mark fires his load on Flick's tongue and it spatters over her face and tits. Jessica rubs in the jizz.

In the last scene Layla~Jade sits on the sofa dressed in a pink top and stroking Jessica's leg. She tells of her kinky experiences and what she is about to do with Evan Stone and Chris Cannon. Jessica balances on the back of the settee when the boys appear. Layla~Jade wastes no time giving the cocks a blow job and Jessica jumps off her perch to join the sucking. With her head back, Evan fucks Layla~Jade's tonsils, Chris lapping between her legs, his tongue exploring every fold of her pussy. Layla~Jade moves to concentrate on Chris's cock letting Jessica's lips range up and down Evan's shaft. With her white knickers removed and Jessica fondling her boobs, Layla~Jade fills her mouth with Chris as she rides Evan's gland. Turning onto all fours she is spit roasted with Chris up her arse. As the scene draws to a close Layla~Jade pulls on her tits as she is DP'd, the boys flooding her mouth with spunk. She smiles as it dribbles out.

Dripping Wet Sex 4 is a well executed film. The locations and sets may lack originality - the pool, the waterfall, the patio and the fireplace - but the action was hot and well shot. Jessica Drake tied the scenes together nicely and showed she is equally at home fucking cock or sucking pussy. The film also has decent length interviews with the stars which delve deeper than the normal "What's your favourite position?". If you get a chance watch it, it's a good evening's viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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