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Released: 2003 (2005 for DVD)
Director: Sam Stonehill & Paul Carder
Notes: Adult Channel / Hot Rod
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Running time: 87 mins.

The Adult Channel and Hot Rod have released the 2003 episodes of Down the Dirty Track in a hotter, harder R18 classification version. The six scenes and nine girls examine the sexy goings on in the sleepy hamlet down the dirty track.

100% British Beef
Student Summer is passing through the village when she notices the local, "The Polished Cock", is looking for bar staff. Seeing her assets held tight in a fuchsia top, the landlord immediately gives her the job, starting that night. As the night wears on, Summer, in a backless pink dress, chats to local Lee Henshaw the butcher who is proud of his pork. She lets him stay for 'stoppy-backs'. The pub empty, Lee lifts Summer onto the bar to lick and finger her fanny. Summer wants to try some of his sausage and the pair move to the pool table. Lee fills his face with pussy as Summer sucks on his prime meat. Bending over the table she gets to pocket balls, but not of the pool variety. Having shafted her pussy, Lee hammers away at her arse. Summer is enjoying her new job. She crouches with her mouth open as Lee floods her face.

Can Buy Me Love
Since scooping the jackpot on the lottery, Angie George is the best friend of everyone in the village. When she goes to get her hair done she offers to pay off the debts of student stylist Vicky, but first Vicky must do something for her. Stripping to her black lingerie, Angie wants to make love to her. The girls kiss and caress each other, Vicky falling to the floor to lick and lap at Angie's pussy. Making herself comfortable in the chair, Angie spreads her legs and Vicky buries her head between them and slurps away. Disappearing into the back, Vicky returns with two large vibrators. She slips the larger of the two into Angie's wet pussy. Angie wants to taste Vicky. Easing down Vicky's pink panties, Angie's tongue darts over the smoothly-shaved mound. She then rubs her tits into the wet snatch. Pushing the vibe deep into Vicky's moist hole, Angie sits on the girl's face and the pair work away with the vibrators till they scream with pleasure. Debt paid off in full.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered
Rock star Ian Tate moved to the village some time ago to prepare his big comeback. Sitting in his country retreat, he hears a noise upstairs and is knocked out on his way to investigate. Waking, he finds he has been tied to the bed by two of his biggest fans, Donna and Kat. He pleads that he will do anything for the girls and that's just what they wanted. Donna lifts her tits out of her black net top and rubs then all over Ian's face. Removing their knickers the two grind their pussies together, getting Ian to lick at the moist swollen lips. Kat drops her head over the end of the bed to get her throat fucked as Donna tongues her pussy. The girls go onto their hands and knees to be shagged doggy, the bed wobbling as Ian thrusts deep into their cunts. Standing, Donna wants to be taken up the arse and Ian stands behind her slipping his cock up her bum as she wriggles and writhes. Pulling out, Ian covers Donna's cheeks with cream. Kat licks them clean.

Farmyard Practice
Big boobed Sam (Caitlin) and her slim friend Charlie (Bonnie Heart) have a problem - their pet cow is off colour. Running out of ideas, they contact Dr Mark Slone to have a look. He is round in a flash and the cow is soon on the road to recovery. How can the girls repay him? They have an idea - a picnic with a difference. The girls drop the tops of their summer dresses letting Mark suck on their nipples before Charlie sits on his face so he can feast on her fanny. Moving her way down Mark's body, Charlie wraps her lips round his erect cock while Sam fingers at her pussy. The two take turns swallowing Mark's pride and joy. Sam wants to see how it feels in her pussy and slides herself down the shaft. Climbing off, Charlie has a go at riding Mark's manhood, the sun making her moist lips shimmer. Having tried the pussy Sam wants cock up her arse and slips herself back on the prick. The tight bum hole is too much for the vet - he is going to cum. Sam and Charlie open their mouths to catch his cream.

Dose of Dairy
Posh girl Georgina is having some humpy rumpy under the bedclothes with Lee when the door bell rings. Panicking that her husband has returned early she pulls on a gown and dashes to the door. No need to fear, it's milkman Demetri with a special delivery, fresh cream for her strawberries. She invites him in. Standing in the kitchen, Georgina drops her gown and pours the cream over her tits. Not wanting to see it go to waste Demetri starts to lick it off. Lee tries to creep out of the door but Georgina stops him, dragging both guys back to her bedroom. She slowly sucks and wanks the guys' cocks. Lee moves to push his prick into her semi-shaved pussy while Demetri fills her throat. Georgina is dripping wet. When she turns to be taken doggy by Demetri she gets him to slap her face with his cock while Lee fucks her. Mounting Lee cowgirl Georgina leans forward. A spare cock and nothing in her arse? Demetri soon remedies that. The boys both pound away till she moans as she climaxes. It's now their turn to spray Georgina with cream. She thanks them both ... same time next week?

Summer Fate
Son of the local land owner, Tony de Sergio gets the job of opening the local fate before taking up his duty collecting £1 from everyone who kisses April the village beauty queen. When April realises that one day Tony will inherit everything the cash registers start to ring in her head. Grabbing hold of him, she drags him into the nearest tent where she unzips his trousers and slips his cock into her mouth. Tony isn't sure if it's the right thing to do but he is willing to try as he buries his head in her pussy and starts to suck. Getting Tony to lie, April runs her fanny over his face, his tongue flicking at her clit ring. Holding herself over Tony's cock, April slides the shaft into her pussy, stripping out of her dress as she shags. Bending over she wants to be filled from behind. Tony pumps away at her pussy then slips into her bum to finish the bonking. Ready to cum, April wants it on her face and Tony obliges as the tent door opens. The pair flee naked over the fields.

The film successfully merges the Carry On style of comedy with hot raunchy action and though the scenes are short they are packed full of goodies. If you are looking for a good light-hearted sex romp with nine great girls then Down the Dirty Track is just the thing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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