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Released: 2004
Director: John Strong
Notes: Platinum X
Alternate Titles
  • John Strong's Dual Invasion
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 156 mins.

Platinum X have gathered five girls (Michelle B, Jamie Brooks, Vanilla Sky, Marie Luv and Melissa Lauren) for a five-scene, 2½-hour DP extravaganza.

Michelle B, sporting her new breasts, starts the proceedings wearing a pink fishnet top and black knickers and crawling around on her hands and knees looking for cock. She finds it on the stairs and quickly stiffens it up deep in her mouth before sliding the full length in her bum. The action then moves upstairs where a second cock is found. This is eased into Michelle's pussy to keep the one in her arse company. The shouts and screams from Michelle are deafening and one of the guys puts his cock in her mouth to quieten things down. The DPs continue and with each new position the noise level gets louder. The scene finishes with an ear splitting suspended DP and after taking both loads of cum in her mouth Michelle falls silent.

Jamie Brooks starts the last scene in black stockings and a purple and black striped matching bra and knickers. These are quickly discarded so Jamie can work her fingers into her pussy. Two guys are soon on the scene, Jamie takes each down her throat up to their balls. Bending over and pulling her bum cheeks apart she reveals a gaping arsehole which is quickly plugged with cock. Turning, the bum banging continues with Jamie's beach ball filled breasts bouncing up and down. A long session of cowgirl / reverse cowgirl and suspended DP follows. The scene finishes with each guy taking Jamie in her wide stretched bum before firing their loads over her face.

The DVD comes with an extra ten-minute bonus scene (out takes from the main scenes) and 27 minutes of behind-the-scene interviews. Though well shot, the noise from Michelle in the first scene is something else; so it is best watched with the mute button pressed otherwise the people next door, in the next street and even in the next town will hear. And whilst I don't mind the occasional slap on the bott there was a lot of unnecessary face slapping in the scene with Melissa Lauren which will probably be cut for the R18 version, if there is one.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf's view:

Michelle Barret discovers her first partner on the stairs and after the briefest of foreplay she sinks her bum onto his cock. Easy enough when you're wearing just a pink fishnet top and thong. Then Michelle is introduced to a second guy on a sofa and while she sucks his cock, her arse is plundered again. Both guys fuck her arse and this quickly moves to reverse cowgirl DP. Plenty more hard, full length DP in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, plus an athletic standing-up DP. Double facial to end, although not much hits her face, it all goes in her mouth!

Jamie Brooks removes her bra and pants but keeps her black holdups on as she's joined by two studs on a bed. She gives both guys her trademark deep noisy throating, then it's straight to the A. DP in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, hard, deep and fast anal with a stand-up DP. Double facial. With her new fake tits, California tan and a penchant for rough sex, Jamie has moved from English Rose to trailer trash in just 12 months, thanks to US porn. Discuss.

The others are all US girls. The very pretty Vanilla Sky bids farewell to her hubby before inviting a couple of boyfriends round for DP on the couch. Black girl Marie Lux takes two white guys in another very noisy session, while Melissa Lauren puts out for a double dose too. For guys perm any two from John Strong, Erik Everhard and Michael Stefano.

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