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Released: 2005
Director: Rob Stone
Notes: www.seventhfilms.com / Hot Rod
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Cast: Donna Marie, Starr, Aimee Blue, Tammy, Suzie Best. With Mark Marais, Paul Tierney, Pascal White & Tony James.

  • Executive producers: Cim productions
  • Feature running time: 147 mins
  • Special features: Scene selection, Dog ends (Outtakes), Slide show & trailers.

I was lucky enough to get to see a preview of this, but I assure you there was no reason for me to give it a good review if it was shit, and it ain't, my friends. I'd say if it was. I see porn a lot and it doesn't do much for me at times. I didn't even think I'd ever crack a woody over one ever again, yet just under 5 minutes into this ... Donna Marie as a secretary having a wank in an office ... inserting a jumbo marker up her sopping wet pussy ... and one into her arse ... hey presto, there's life in the old boy yet. I didn't even last until she decided to put her mobile phone to a better use. Now I know what I want to be reincarnated as!

But it gets better. This is without a doubt the turning point for British porn. Fuck all that stuff with bored council estate birds shagging like sacks of potatoes, four-hour lame-athons. This combines red hot action, with a decent set up, that will have you coming back for more, literally!

The story is that Donna is a secretary by day, but into the "dogging" scene by night. That is she likes to fuck in risky places while being watched, and this is her diary. Simple, and it doesn't get in the way of the film by trying to be anything other than a well shot, well produced and directed, downright filthy gonzo flick.

First off the picture quality is lovely - crisp and clear, obviously shot on high-end digital. And you have all you need, chapters, scene selection, a few amusing out-takes (dog-ends), and trailers from other "Hot Rod productions". This would have benefited from a two-disc special edition if ever a porn film deserved one, with a "Fetish menu" like you get on the American "Evil Angel" DVDs maybe?

If, like me, you're pissed off with the same old shit being churned out 24/7 and are looking for something with a bit of imagination behind it, and, most importantly, a build up, a little tease, which most porn lacks, then you have to check out Dogging Diaries. There is an odd bit which will make you smile as well, but doesn't try to overdo the comedy aspect (Spacenuts anyone?). Imagine a kinda cheeky Benny Hill bitta sauce here and there.

Donna Marie is fantastic in this. She doesn't try to act, she just goes with the flow, and is up there with the crème de la crème of British pornstars, such as Roxy Jezel, Wendy Taylor, and Angel and Ashley Long, as being more than a match for ANY stud in the business (Happy retirement Mr Marias!).

Getting down to the scenes, there's fucking in an underground car park, on car bonnets (and what a mess they leave behind!), lezzing up with a bus conductress on a moving double decker!, fucking pub barmaids and nightclub staff. I don't need to go in detail and give a scene by scene breakdown, as there's one for most days of the week here (six including Donna's solo strum). With anal, DP, group and lesbian, and spunk and pussy juice flying all over the place, this film will appeal to ANYONE who likes porn and isn't looking for "artistic input" à la Michael Ninn or Andrew Blake. If you want such input in a film, go and rent "Shakespeare in Love" from Blockbusters. But if you want to see fit women getting fucked in every hole, then go and buy the best Gonzo Brit porn flick since Ben Dover first cracked his whip!

Review by Arnold Layne

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