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Released: 2005
Director: Gorgeous Gee
Notes: www.dolltheatre.com
Alternate Titles
  • Dr. Loo And The Filthy Fucking Phaleks
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 169 mins.

This is a very much tongue-in-cheek production from Doll Theatre and is based around Dr Loo (Alicia Rhodes) and her trusty shagbot (Karla Romana) flying around in her toilet time machine the "Turdhouse"; saving the universe with sex.

The film starts with secretary McKenzie Lee getting spanked by her boss Lee Henshaw for bringing him a wrong file. Her punishment continues with mouthfuls of Lee's cock before being stripped and having her pussy fingered and fucked. To make sure McKenzie has learned her lesson she bends over to be taken from behind up the bum with Lee eventually firing his load over her arse hole. When Mason turns up McKenzie sees a chance to escape and heads over the fields to the toilet.

Dressed in a black latex bikini, Alicia pulls McKenzie into the time machine, slamming the door to stop the boys from entering. It's then time to test McKenzie to see if she is worth saving. After stripping, Karla the shagbot joins the girls for mutual masturbation. Covering their pussies with lube they finger and stretch themselves ready to take the hi-tech silver vibrators. More lube is squirted as the trio ease their fingers into their bums. The three DP with the silver toys.

Lee and Mason are still banging at the door when the good Doctor decides to let them in for some fun. A quick wave of the obedience stick and the boys are turned into sex slaves. Karla and McKenzie waste no time filling their mouths with cock while Alicia watches, pumping her pussy with purple plastic. The girls enjoy having their holes filled in a variety of positions, helped by Alicia with a strap-on. Both take mouthfuls of spunk which they then dribble into Alicia for a goo-cream gargle.

At the other side of the universe the naughty Empress Minge the Merciless (Donna Marie) has developed the most evil fucking robots known to woman-kind - the Phaleks. Stripping out of her black knickers she fingers and pulls her pussy ready to be taken by these terrible sex machines. Eventually Donna's pussy is impaled by the Phalek's huge deadly weapon. Masturbate ... Masturbate.

The Doctor and her band of intrepid travellers land to try and save the world from these weapons of mass erection and find Mr and Mrs Merciless hard at it. After taking Steve Hooper's cock in her mouth, Donna has her fanny finger fucked and then plants herself on Steve's dick. Turning, Donna's bum ripples and her breasts swing back and forth as she is taken from behind. After tasting her own juices, Donna slips Steve's prick in her arse and then licks it clean before wanking it into her mouth.

The three girls are captured and taken to the dungeon where Alicia attempts to reason with the Empress, but she and the Phaleks are only interested in pussy. With Donna and Alicia watching and wanking, Karla takes two sets of fingers in per pussy, then uses a double ended dildo on McKenzie. Now for the Phaleks. Karla positions herself at the end of the deadly tool then slides the full length into her wet pussy. Penetrate ... Penetrate.

The three are taken before the Emperor. Kneeling before him, the Doctor tries to reason but the Prince of Dickness is having none of it. All he wants is McKenzie and Karla. The girls lick and practice their finger exercises on each other as Steve goes from girl to girl making sure they both get an equal share of his cock in their pussies. Anal sex with both follows and Steve sprays his spunk over the girls' faces which they then lick off.

The Doctor manages to summon the boys out of the Turdhouse to capture the baddies and a time bomb is set to destroy the evil empire. Steve and Donna see the errors of their ways and ask if they can also be saved. The seven escape in a time warp orgy, fingering, sucking and fucking their way back to safety. And what about the Phaleks? Even they are saved as Alicia's play things. Ejaculate ... Ejaculate.

OK the set and props look amateurish - you can't really be terrified of a water butt with a sink plunger, an egg whisk and a dildo glued to it. And yes Donna's wig did have a mind of its own... And you do see cameras, cables, feet and fingers... And in places the sound is not too good... And the cast looked for directions at times... But it was a fun film, the sex was hot and the limited cast performed very well. This was never going to be a multi-million-pound production so why not ham it up. Doll Theatre deserve 10 out of 10 for the idea and 11 out of 10 for Donna's wig.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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