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Released: 2005 (2008 on DVD)
Director: Gareth Powell
Notes: Play Mountain
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Running time: 62 mins.

This very short four-hander by Gareth Powell follows Steve Hooper as he works away in an orchard, picking apples. As his basket slowly fills, his mind wanders from the monotony of the task.

Steve thinks of his boss Avalon, wearing white lingerie and a string of pearls round her neck. Bent over a small stool, farmhand Mark Sloan is banging her from behind. Steve can see the clasp of Avalon's bra being undone and Mark fondling her tits as he fucks her, doggy. Turning, Avalon grabs his dick and sucks. The pearls swing against her boobs as she fills her throat. Flopping onto her back, Mark holds her legs as he enters her, missionary. Avalon wraps herself around his body and the two writhe against one another. Fantasy over, Steve is back picking fruit with his basket almost full.

Through the trees, Steve catches a glimpse of Avalon in sexy black gear, lying on a purple mattress. Rubbing his eyes in disbelief, he watches as she slips a hand into her lace knickers and fingers herself. Opening up her picnic hamper, Avalon produces a long turquoise toy and feeds it into her pussy. Steve creeps closer. Opening her legs wide, Avalon plies her pussy with copious amounts of lube and plunges the vibe in deep. Almost on top of her, Steve stands open-mouthed as Avalon masturbates herself to orgasm. Suddenly, she's gone.

Wearing a tight denim skirt, Faye joins Steve among the apple trees. Closing his eyes, Steve can envisage Avalon and Faye both licking a double-ended dong. Easing down Avalon's panties, Faye plays with the toy over her well trimmed pussy. Lying back in thigh length black boots, Avalon slips the dong in deep and invites Faye to share the other end. The girls inch towards each other. Avalon turns to taste Faye's juices. The two finger and kiss. Opening his eyes he finds Faye still picking.

Grabbing Faye's hand, he leads her to the farmhouse. Climbing up to the bedroom, the two 69. Steve moves behind for some doggy action. Mark joins in, filling Faye's mouth with his cheb. Avalon climbs onto the bed in her black shiny boots. The pairs swap partners. Steve slips into Avalon, spoons, while beside them on the bed Faye is shagged, missionary. The girls drop to their knees. Faye jerks at Mark's length till he cums on her tits. Cupping her boobs, Avalon collects Steve's cum in her cleavage. Once again, Steve wakes up in the fields.

What there is of Daydream Believer is decent enough, but at under an hour in length, by the time the titles roll there's not a lot of film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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