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Released: 2005
Director: Rob Stone
Notes: www.seventhfilms.com / Hot Rod
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Running time: 125 mins.

Cast: Miyah, Anais, Jo, Natalia, Avalon, Paul Tierney, Jayce Xaveri, Pascal White, Mark Marais, Videoguy, Leon, Mark and Chris.

Special features. Scene selection, dog ends, slide show, trailer for episode 1.

Dogging Diaries is back, and this time it's the diary of 22 year old Miyah from Leeds, who in her own words "has a cunt for a credit card and isn't afraid to use it!".

Scene 1. Sunday. Before the title sequence we find Miyah sucking a stranger's cock in an alleyway. I've seen Miyah in only one other film (Poppy Morgan's Dream Candy) and she is stunning. Just look at the cover it speaks for itself. The guy's face is obscured, giving this a real voyeuristic feel. The lighting is just right; so you can see everything clearly, and it's not so over done as to make it look less authentic. Then we're into the title sequence, and then back to Miyah in the alleyway, getting fucked doggy style up against the wall. The cameraman asks her a few questions and she replies that she's always been a nympho and just can't get enough cock. "But what if you went a week without cock?" asks the cameraman curiously. "I couldn't. No amount of money is worth it!" replies Miyah. "Well what if at the end of the week, you was paid with as much cock as you wanted?". She dosen't need much time to think and she agrees, the deal is done, and as the unnamed guy spunks on her face, Miyah walks off into the street cum still dripping from her chin.

Scene 2. Monday. Miyah's off to the gym in North London, where she meets her friend Pascal working out. He whispers to Miyah that the woman just above, on the next floor on the treadmill, isn't wearing any panties. This is too much to resist. Miyah goes and has a chat with French Anais, who's trying to explain something to Miyah using a translation guide. A very funny exchange of words develops between them creating an excellent build up to the next scene. I don't want to give too much away as it would spoil it! Back down in the gym it doesn't take the bonking Belgian Pascal long to have his cock in Anais's mouth and fuck her in the gym, with all the other guys who were working out stopping to watch. No cock for Miyah as promised! But she greedily eats out Anais's ass and pussy, encouraging Pascal to fuck her hard. Miyah is hot beyond words, fingering Anais's ass and sharing it between each other, fingering her own and sucking it off, she is literally dying for cock! I've never seen someone so insatiable! Miyah grabs a nearby bottle of water (easy to find in a gym!) and spits some into Anais's ass, lapping it up. Pascal then fucks Anais in the ass in the middle of the gym. Miyah keeps to her promise of no cock, but gladly indulges in some ass to mouth. When Pascal spunks in Anais's ass, she laps it up, cum swapping with Anais.

Scene 3. Tuesday. We catch up with Miyah again as she takes a train to see her Mum in Cambridge for the weekend. Miyah confesses her Mum has no idea what she gets up to in her private life and thinks Miyah's a girl guide leader! On the speeding train Miyah's almost there (at her Mum's) and decides to nip to the toilet to get herself right there and have a wank. I don't want to give too much of this scene away, but Miyah's brought a packed lunch with her, king size Mars bar, banana, a can of red bull!? And she gets so awfully messy with the entire contents I'm surprized she had time to clean up before the train pulled in at her destination. I surely arrived before she did! The cameraman gets a blowjob for good measure and adds a creamy topping to the Twix in Miyah's lunch box.

Scene 4. Wednesday. Miyah wakes up suffering from serious cock withdrawal. Tonight she's going dogging with Natalia and Jo. If she isn't allowed any cock she sure as hell wants to make sure her friends do. Their car apparently breaks down and is pushed into a local garage by some helpful guys who don't give Miyah and her friends more than five minutes before they casually remind the girls they promised them a free "live sex show" for their helpfulness! The three girls are well into each other in seconds, pussy eating, ass licking, all in full view of the guys. We get some great camera angles as well from the "Doggees" (would that be the right word?) perspective. Both girls bent over the car boot and Miyah kneeling down fingering them both is one of the many delights on offer here. Again, well lit, lovely crisp and clear picture. The show is soon over and the mechanic working on Miyah's car (Mark Marais) explains it's going to cost a fortune to be fixed. Miyah doesn't think for long and decides only her "cunt credit card" can save them now! Again no cock for Miyah, but she's a more than active participant in this scene. Mark fucks both Jo and Natalia in the middle of the garage whilst the workers look on. Lots of pussy to mouth, some spitting, even a tube of grease gets used (don't worry I'm sure it was only water or lube inside!). Mark delivers a healthy portion over all three girls faces, with which they cum swap like pass the parcel, until Miyah swallows it all.

Scene 5. Thursday. Miyah's on her mobile phone to Tony, legs spread on the kitchen worktop. She explains her "no cock for a week" clause and there's some serious dogging action going on down the local gym and he should come along, bring a few mates, but not too many as it will be obvious. (Rule number one don't ever tell any male mates they can watch some fucking going on!). Miyah turns up at the gym to join with Tony, greeted by Avalon. Tony's brought a few of his mates (about eight of em!), but Avalon explains this is a ladies only gym! Miyah's upfront, "Well how about if I come round the counter and lick your pussy, will you let us in for free membership?". Avalon's reply is interrupted by a phone call, but Miyah doesn't wait for a response and has Avalon's skirt hiked up before she can answer the customer's enquiry! Up-for-it Avalon explains they can't do it here and asks the customer to call back. Followed by the guys they go into the ladies toilets and a frantic lesbian session between Miyah and Avalon ensues. This is the first time I've seen Avalon, and with Miyah it's an explosive combination to say the least. Tony comes in and both girls suck his cock. Miyah then drags Avalon downstairs to the changing room and Tony sticks his cock straight up Avalon's arse whilst she's bent over the bench. Still insatiable Miyah just watches, kneeling down wanking in front of all the onlookers. She joins in towards the end to suck Tony's cock some more and for some ass to mouth, and of course share the cum with Avalon.

Scene 6. Friday. Miyah's so excited, her last day of "cock fasting" and she's found out about a dogging site on the internet so tonight she's gonna get all of her dirty little holes filled with cock, as there are three guys down there who really want to see her. 5.48pm, the scene is set in a derelict house and it's pissing down with rain outside. This is the moment she's been waiting for. It's dark and Miyah only has a torch when she arrives. She's a little scared, but more excited. She finally finds what she's looking for on the top floor, not three, but 6 guys! A gang bang takes place and Miyah as promised takes cocks in every hole. Even an onlooker gets a blowjob in the background by an unnamed woman! Every guy fucks Miyah and she takes a pop shot from all on her face leaving her, in her her own words, with "loads of gorgeous cum to play with" as the credits roll.

Overall this was better than volume one, and that's saying something, as I liked Miyah a lot and thought she was incredible. Imagine a sequel better than the original, Godfather 2 as opposed to one. Yes I know it's a porn movie, but it's great and the best thing to come out of the UK for a long while. It's presented well. Even the chapters (multiple per scene) are just right, plus some amusing outtake "dogends". Rob Stone is a director to watch out for as he combines all the best elements into this movie to give it something that will appeal to any porn fan. And it dosen't try to take itself too seriously. It's shot more in what I'd call "Documentary gonzo style" as opposed to Gonzo (Ben Dover etc.). You get a few questions to Miyah from the cameraman as the film progresses, but no waffling on as the action takes place to put you off your vinegar stokes. In the words of Harry Reems in Deep Throat "Try it! You'll like it!".

Review by Arnold Layne

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