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Released: 2005
Director: Rob Stone
Notes: www.seventhfilms.com / Hot Rod
Alternate Titles
  • Tequila Woods: Exhibisionistin DVD available Magma
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 100 mins.

Naughty nurse Tequila Woods is the guide in the fourth in the series of Dogging Diaries, taking you through her depraved world of fucking in the most curious locations.

The film stats with Tequila in her nurse uniform going off to a shagging clinic held in an dilapidated, graffiti-strewn hospital. When she arrives Taylor Morgan is already hard at work giving a blow job surrounded by spectators. Tequila strips out of her uniform and encourages Taylor to swallow more of Pete's meat. The girls suck and lick at each other's tits while Pete prepares Taylor's pussy to accept his prick. Rubbing hard on her clit Taylor rides Pete reverse cowgirl, letting Tequila nibble at her nipples. Tequila slips a thermometer into Taylor's arse - just the right temperature for fucking - then with her bum hole gaping Pete plunges in his cock. Pulling out, Pete fires over Taylor's face, Tequila catching the drips on a spoon then feeding her.

Scene 2 has Tequila, in a white top, blue mini skirt and fishnets, flashing at a security camera in a lorry park. The guard turns up to find out what she is doing. She says she is in desperate need of a piss and the pair disappear into a container. Crouching in the corner, Tequila floods the floor as she sucks on the guard's cock, she then slips his lunch, a banana, into her wet hole and makes him eat it. The couple strip, pulling a couple of pallets together for a make-shift bed. Tequila sits and swallows the guy's dick then slips the moist shaft into her pussy. Turning to be taken doggy Tequila's tits bounce together as the guy's balls bang hard on her clit. Her juices glisten on the guy's cock as Tequila is fucked in a number of positions including cowgirl and spoons. Finally the guy deposits his load into Tequila's mouth and she lets it drip out onto her tits.

Back at the hospital, Tequila has lost patient Sahara who believes she is a dog. Sahara is eventually found in the boiler room in her underwear on all fours pissing against a wall. Tequila leads her away to give her medicine in a dog bowl. While Sahara is lapping up her medication Tequila notices her nice pert bum and starts to fondle it. Both girls strip, playing with each other's breasts till their nipples are erect. Tequila then runs the last of the medicine down her body and makes Sahara catch the drips as they fall off her pussy. Sahara lies down, letting Tequila bury her tongue and fingers in her pussy. How many can she take? 4!! Sahara is then tied to a pipe for more pussy examination. All appears to be in order; so it's latex clad fingers up the bum next. Both girls are now dying for a piss and cover the floor. Tequila then leaves Sahara hanging around.

Tequila is next off to see Nurse Chloe in her PVC outfit, but she's not on the ward, she's wanking in the stores watched by onlookers. Tequila joins in to give a hand as Chloe abuses her pussy with a large black dildo. She then pulls Jay out of the crowd to have his cock sucked as she strips in the background. Seeing the fun Chloe is having with the cock Tequila wants a go, deep throating and running her lips up and down the shaft. On top of a stack of mattresses Chloe opens her legs ready for Jay's cock. Her tits wobble as he bangs away at her pussy. The two turn and the hammering gets harder. Tequila wants some of the action and, leaning against some boxes, gets Jay to enter her from behind. Lying, she gets Chloe to sit on her face as she's fucked. Both girls have another go at riding Jay then get their faces covered in cum.

Looking for a dogging site, Tequila enters a workshop and finds a mechanic at work in the pit. Outside she has seen Lolly in a pink top, white mini and thigh length boots. She drags her in telling her it's an audition for Big Brother and she has to fuck the guy to get on. Lolly pulls hard on her pussy lips then slips in a couple of fingers as Tequila take her nipples in her teeth. Stretching herself with four fingers, Tequila wants to see if she can do the same with her arse hole. Lolly bends over and eases two digits in. Climbing into the pit, Lolly takes the guy hard against her tonsils, gagging and covering his dick in frothy spit. She then slips the wet cock between her pussy lips and bangs down hard on his balls. Spreading a ground sheet, Tequila wants to see more. Lolly sticks her bum high in the air to be taken doggy, then gets the mechanic to lie down so she can take him up the arse reverse cowgirl. Tequila appears with a huge syringe full of water which she injects into Lolly's bum then watches her squirt. The guy re-enters the freshly-cleaned hole for some more humping. Screaming Lolly wants her throat filled with spunk and the guy pops his load in her mouth followed by another syringe full of water to wash it down.

This is a hard action film shot in some grimy and grotty locations, making the girls appear hotter and nastier than normal. Tequila holds the film together well and is supported by great performances from the rest of the girls. Hopefully, with four films under his belt, Rob Stone can keep up the high standard for Dogging Diaries 5, 6, 7 ...

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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