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Released: 2005
Director: Paulo Banana
Notes: Colossal Entertainment
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Running time: 133 mins.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your mind when you fall asleep? We all dream, but only a few can remember. Paulo Banana has used this as a basis for the five vignettes in this film which follows five sexy girls - Ava Nova, Missy Monroe, Dominica Leoni, Mya Luanna and Layla Jade - as their brains go into overdrive as they sleep.

Hardly recognisable with her blonde hair in ringlets, Layla~Jade's is the third dream to be examined. Tossing and turning on a large red bed, the camera pans across Layla's skimpy black and pink underwear and over her boobs, as she drifts off. The picture blurs and Layla finds herself on a large leather sofa with her lips wrapped around a guy's cock. Staring up with her blue eyes, saliva dribbles from her mouth as she takes the dick deeper and deeper down her throat. Opening her black floral patterned robe, she sandwiches the wet shaft in her cleavage. Layla's tongue darts over the tip. Sinking back into the sofa, Layla eases the cock into her pussy. Half way through fucking, she turns over to be taken from behind. With the guy sitting, Layla laps her juices from his prick and guides the staff into her arse for some reverse riding. The couple fall onto their side for more bum banging. Layla fingers her gaping pussy as the guy thrusts in. Dropping down in front of the dick, Layla deep throats. The guy fills her mouth with jizz. Smiling, Layla swallows, then slowly awakes from her sexy slumbers.

Films based on dream sequences are nothing new with umpteen appearing every year. With Dreams Gone Wild, Paulo Banana has not attempted to overcomplicate things. A little blurry special effect denotes the start of the dream section. Cleanly and crisply shot, with five girls at their hot and sexy best, it's simple and good to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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