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Released: 2004
Director: Marc Giffy
Notes: Northstar
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Running time: 101 mins.

Ashley and Layla~Jade appear in this light-hearted romp about film producer/director Kaylynn and the trials and tribulations of shooting an adult movie.

Kaylynn's day doesn't get off to a good start. Jennifer Luv thinks the leading man, Dick Delaware, ugly and can't work with him. Layla~Jade, in her pink baby doll negligee, is only too willing to fill the gap, and her mouth, with his cock. After giving him a blow job on the sofa the pair strip and move to the floor, Layla~Jade pushing herself up on her shoulders to have her pussy and bum licked as she squeezes her tits. With Dick on his back Layla~Jade slithers down his shaft, her wet pussy glinting with juice and boobs joggling as she bounces up and down. Kaylynn creeps in to taste the fluid. Dick moves his cock into Layla~Jade's arse and she takes more and more till he hammers his whole length into her bum. Layla~Jade gets the full load over her face, Kaylynn joining to lick it off her cheeks.

The fourth scene has Ashley Long, in a mid-blue crop top, appearing with Jennifer Luv and a slightly chubby Alex Saunders. Ashley's chat up line is straight to the point: "Are you going to fuck me?". Before Alex can answer she has his cock deep down her throat and Jennifer is lapping at his balls. Her knickers down, Ashley guides the saliva-covered cock into her pussy, gyrating her hips as Jennifer licks at her bum. Pulling her pussy lips till they resemble a butterfly, Jennifer wraps them round Alex's prick and pushes it into her pussy, Ashley fingering herself in the background. Bending over, Ashley rubs hard on her clit while Jennifer pulls her arse open to take Alex's dick. Her bum shines with lube and juices as the man rod is rammed home. The two kneel before Alex waiting for his spunk. He fires it evenly over the girls' faces.

Whilst this is not the best film I have seen, it's also not the worst. The girls look and sound enthusiastic and everything is in shot, in focus and lit, even the outdoor night scenes. On the down side the plot has been done to death and the editor has included a couple of 'loops' making you think 'Didn't they just do that?'. Watch it if it is available, but don't go out of your way to buy it.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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