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Released: 2006
Director: Donna Marie
Notes: MAI Productions / STM Distribution / Wrist Action Entertainment
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 105 mins.

For Donna's debut as a film director she has teamed up with four established girls to produce a 6 scene film. The format is fairly standard - Donna, sitting wanking on a hotel bed, introduces each scene and appears in three of them.

Secretary Donna is feeling hot and horny. With no one else in the office she undoes her white blouse and slips her tits out of her black bra to suck at her nipples. Pulling her panties tight into her snatch, Donna paws at her pussy. Two, three, then four fingers are pushed into her wet hole, her chair creaking as she wanks. She takes a pink vibrator from her desk which she stabs into her cunt, legs open. The toy almost disappears inside her, but Donna squeezes it out. Having pounded her pussy, Donna uses the toy on her arse, ramming it in deeply. Pulling and finger fucking herself, she climaxes.

Party girl Avalon, in her off-the-shoulder short black dress, is arguing with boyfriend Jay. To show her disgust she picks up a bottle of milk and fills her pussy, squirting it at him. He bends to drink the milky mixture as it dribbles out of her hole. Having fed her pussy, Avalon wants to gorge her face on cock. As the camera pans, a couple of the crew dart out of shot. Lying on the sofa with her legs back, Avalon takes Jay's dick in her pussy. The two swap places so she can impale herself on his shaft. Tasting herself, Avalon re-stiffens the semi-hard cock before taking it up her arse doggy. Jay cums over her bum.

Back at the office, Donna is working away with Angel Long. The two fancy a little girl-on-girl action. Unbuttoning her jacket, Donna nibbles at Angel's nipples. Angel lifts Donna's tits out of her bra to return the favour. Donna is over the moon when Angel drops her trousers to reveal black stockings and suspenders. She forces her face in her fanny and licks. Then Donna finger fucks herself, Angel adding three of her digits to Donna's stretched-open hole before probing her arse with her tongue. The two fall to the floor to 69, prodding each other's pussies with plastic. Angel takes a toy in her mouth and dives between Donna's legs, her head bobbing as she wanks her. She cums. Angel stands to let Donna make her climax with her tongue.

Suzie Best, in her fuchsia bra and knickers, is draped over Dougie as he lies on the settee. The pair kiss and his mouth explores her body as his hands caress her thighs. Suzie unzips his jeans and pops his dick into her mouth. She dribbles down his shaft as she sucks. After he eases down Suzie's panties, Dougie's tongue goes into overdrive on her pussy and arse. She twists herself round to chew on his man meat. Slowly settling herself down on Dougie's shaft, Suzie makes the sofa rattle as she rides. She squeezes her tits for added pleasure. The two roll over, Suzie puling her knees into her chest to feel the full length of cock in her pussy. Screaming, Suzie's pussy is dripping as she is shagged spoons. She quivers with pleasure as she is taken from behind, making Dougie squirt all over her pussy. Suzie rubs in the cream.

Faye is showing new flatmate Avalon around. When they reach the bathroom she is desperate for a pee. Faye watches and the topic inevitably turns to sex. On their way to the bedroom, Avalon claims she has never had a cock, preferring girls. She'll take the room but can she also take Faye. Avalon slips out of her bra to play with her tits. Faye sits on the floor, her legs open, letting her crawl between them to lap at her pussy. The two move back to the bed where Faye has her fanny finger fucked, then takes a digit in her arse. A double-ended dong is produced and Avalon eases it into Faye's pussy then climbs aboard to ride the free end. Getting Faye onto all fours, Avalon sticks a large glass dildo into her arse making her writhe with pleasure. The scene ends with the two sharing the double ender, banging their bums together.

The final scene sees Donna with Pascal and Tony James. The boys rive down her pink shorts as she starts to eat cock and the two take turns to suck on her pussy. Bending over and gagging on Pascal's prick, Donna's tits jolt and wobble as she is filled from behind by Tony. Being spit roasted isn't enough for Donna, she wants to be DP'd and the boys don't need to be asked a second time. They bang away at both her holes making them gape. When ready to cum, Pascal covers Donna's tongue and Tony isn't too far behind. Donna wants his spunk in her mouth as well.

For Donna's first attempt at directing this isn't too bad. There are the odd moments in both of the Avalon scenes when she can be heard calling out instructions, but you can live with that. On a technical point the colours appear a little flat in places. This could be the lighting. On the whole a watchable movie, but why the title?

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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