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Released: 2005
Director: Alex Braun
Notes: Mayhem
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Running time: 119 mins.

Brits Estelle and Sahara Knite join Staci Thorne, Madilane Marks and Sandra Romain for Axel Braun's film, where girls get their snatches splashed with spunk. While three of the girls are content with one cock each, Staci and Sandra both opt for a double helping of dick in their scenes.

In her purple and black silk underwear, Estelle runs her hands over her body and fingers herself as she waits for Bret to turn up. Pulling on Bret's Stetson, Estelle leans forward to fill her face with his cock. She traps his wet dick between her tits. Estelle climbs onto the sofa. Hanging over the arm, she is fucked from behind. The hat goes back on as she rides Bret's cock reverse. Her boobs joggle as she bounces. The pair fall onto their sides where the two shag spoons. Remounting Bret's dick cowgirl, Estelle lets the hat fall to the floor. She flops back, playing with her long blond hair as Bret thrusts deep. He cums over Estelle's pussy. It trickles down her lips onto her thighs.

Sahara stands in a workshop, her hand down inside her black knickers. She slips a finger into her pussy as Marco arrives. Wrapping her lips around his cock, she sucks. He reaches out and grasps her tits. Sitting Sahara on a set of steps, Marco eases down her black panties and buries his tongue between her legs. She turns to have her arse licked. With Sahara spread across the steps, Marco slides his cock into her pussy. Balanced on his dick, Marco carries Sahara to an old green sofa where he lays her down to fuck her missionary. Full of energy, Sahara sinks Mark's shaft into her pussy. Rocking and grinding cowgirl, she spins round with his cock still in her hole. Tasting her juices, Sahara drops onto all fours. Marco hammers in doggy style. Back on top, Sahara bounces and gyrates. Marco's balls twitch as he fires his load into her pussy. Easing herself up, Sahara lets the spunk drip onto his dick before swooping to suck it off.

Direct Deposit 2 is a nicely made film with some good, hot, action which doesn't go over the top. The only slight disappointment is Estelle. She seemed to lack any sort of enthusiasm in her scene with Bret. This became more noticeable as the action progressed. In the last couple of minutes it appeared she was just going through the motions, waiting for the scene to end. It's a pity as all the other girls attacked their performances with vim and vigour, especially Sahara. With four good scenes and one which tails off towards the end, the film is still watchable. If only for Sahara throwing herself on Marco's dick.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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