< Dressed to Thrill R18 DVD available

Released: 2006
Director: Dick Thrasher
Notes: Adult Channel XXX / Hot Rod. Contains some but not all scenes from the Adult Channel / Spice Platinum series
Alternate Titles
  • Sexy Rollenspiele DVD available Magma
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 85 mins.

The Adult Channel, in league with Hot Rod, have been raiding their vaults for material to release under the R18 banner and this time have come up with a cracking six-scene film staring eight great girls.

It Ain't Half Hot
Dressed in her ripped jungle greens, Kate staggers through the sun-baked mountains of Spain looking for shelter and a drink. She stumbles into a ruined medical post and rests. Out of the heat haze, tall blonde Eva Sauer appears in a light blue uniform, stockings and heels. The girls strip, Eva fingering herself as she laps at Kate's pussy lips. The pair climb onto a wall under the scorching sun and sweat dribbles down Kate's tits as she is finger fucked. The two 69, munching on moist minges. Kate grabs a stainless steel dildo and it glints in the sun as it's shoved into Eva's pussy. A second steel rod is used on Kate. She gasps as it's rammed in deep. The girls balance on the wall bouncing on their toys till they climax. Then Kate finds herself on a rickety chair by herself.

Naughty 40's
Sarah has just inherited a house in a will. When she visits it's stuck in a time warp from the 40's. Entering the bedroom there's black corsets, suspenders and nylons lying on the bed. Sarah runs her hands over them, then as she looks at some faded explicit photos, she tries on the clothes. She's back in the 40's. A guy enters in pin stripped trousers with his cock hanging out. Sarah grabs it and starts to suck as she gently caresses her clit. The man slowly moves down her body and buries his tongue between her legs. Holding herself above his shaft, Sarah slowly sinks down, his manhood disappearing into her damp hole as she arches her back. She rolls over and her suspenders rattle as her pussy is pumped doggy. The sesion ends with Sarah on her back being shagged. The guy pulls out and sprays her stomach.

Bad Habit
Father James has fallen. The lure of the flesh is too much for him and his bishop sends him off to contemplate - Brother Brown and Nun Simone-Claire will guide him on this difficult path. The naughty nun and mucky monk have other ideas. Simone swallows the brother's cock and strips out of her habit to take four fingers in fanny. The naughty nun slips a candle in her cunt as she tongues the brother's balls. Bending over, Simone shows a badly bruised bum, but it doesn't stop Brother Brown fucking it. The two strip. Simone's pert boobs jolt as she bangs herself down. Turning, the pair finish missionary, Simone getting a mouth full of cum. Father James decides the priesthood's not for him.

Cream of the Crop
In her riding togs, Sandie looks the part as she stands by her horse box, but one problem - no horse. The stable lad rushes over to apologise. He has specially shined her saddle and is running late. Sandie drops her knickers and rubs herself on the leather leaving a large damp smear. She gets the lad to lick the juices off her lips. The boy slips his fingers into Sandie's pussy, but she wants more. He tries the end of her riding crop which makes her hungry for dick. Turning, she takes his cock down her throat then leads him outside where, bent over the bonnet of the van, she is taken from behind. Back aboard, Sandie still wants to ride. With no horse in sight, she'll have to do with the stable lad's prick. She pushes her crop in for added excitement as she bounces up and down. The pair roll into the spoons position, the lad groping her tits as they bonk. He's ready to cum. Sandie doesn't want to waste his precious load and takes it in her mouth.

Morning Constable
WPC Emma is called to a house which she thinks is empty. In one room she finds a stash of cash which she slips into her stocking, then a pile of jewellery ends in her pocket. Out in the garden shed she is seeing what else she can lift when she's rumbled. The house owner saw everything, but ... if she sucks his dick he'll remain silent. The two head for the bedroom. Emma tongues the shaft and balls as she rapidly rubs on her pussy. The owner asks if she'll shove her pencil in her cunt. She does. Emma presses her big boobs together for a tit fuck as she wanks. She forces her fanny into the guy's face and he parts her lips and licks. She moves down, her boobs wobbling as she is shagged cowgirl. The couple move through various positions - doggy rolling to spoons and ending missionary, the guy pulling out to spray Emma's shaven snatch with jizz.

Two Officers and a Gentleman
Corporal Robert is reading a wank mag when officers Dawn and Angel come in to inspect. The place is a tip and he is to be punished. Stripped, he is told to watch as the two girls play with each other. They lift skirts and Dawn pulls down Angel's knickers, lapping and stretching her pussy before sliding her baton between her legs. It gets covered in juice. Stripped down to their stockings, the girls tease the Corporal, their tongues dancing over his cock as they finger fuck each other. Climbing onto the bed the pair 69, Robert offering his dick to be sucked. He is ordered to eat pussy and wank the pair with the baton. Finally he is given permission to fire over the girls' faces.

A good mix of action, nicely shot and with some great girls, the six shortish scenes make an entertaining night's viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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