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Released: 2006
Director: Alessandro del Mar
Notes: Private
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Running time: 104 mins.

Alessandro del Mar's films for the Private Tropical series all follow a similar format: gorgeous girls having hot sex in beautiful locations, and a paper thin plot. Dangerous Sex is no exception. Shot in Madagascar, the film stars Katy Caro, Diana Gold, Sharka Blue and Justine Ashley, alongside the British girls Jemstone and Jamie Brooks, in a story line which includes crocodiles and kidnapping.

George Uhl is a successful movie star who has gone to Madagascar to appear in a wild life film with the acclaimed documentary maker Jamie Brooks. On a boat full of stunning blondes, the action is wild, but involves him and the girls. Only arch rival and failed actor Olivier Sanchez throws a spanner in the works.

While Jamie and George are ashore feeding crocodiles, Jemstone lies on the deck of the boat in her pale blue spotty bikini. Oliver comes over, lifting her breasts out he sucks at her nipples, then moves his way down to her pussy and clit. Jemstone gently moans as he parts her pussy petals with his fingers. Pulling out his cock, she swoops, taking it between her lips. Grasping the shaft, Jemstone shoves it down her throat. Rubbing the wet dick over her pussy, she sits on it. The camera zooms out and pans around the boat as the two shag spoons against the silver blue sea. The pair stand, their bodies rocking in time with the waves. Jemstone falls to her knees to catch Oliver's cum in her mouth as the sun slowly sets.

Hatching a plan to kidnap George, Jemstone is to act as bait. She waits in a secluded sandy cove, her hands exploring her body. George arrives and she immediately grabs his cock. Her tongue flicks over the head of his member. The pair move on to a large turquoise towel where Jemstone rides him reverse. George plays with her pussy as they bonk. Rolling onto their sides, the sand sticks to their damp bodies as they fuck spoons. The couple go into the crystal clear waters where Jemstone is taken from behind. Lying in the water, the waves ripple over the two as Jemstone is taken missionary. She sits up to take George's spunk over her coral necklace and tits... Oliver knocks out George and ties him up, while Jemstone makes her escape.

Realising she has done wrong, Jemstone creeps back to release George. He swims for the boat and the arms of Jamie. He tells her his story. She does the only thing she thinks will soothe him. Kneeling in her golden t-shirt and denim skirt, she fingers herself as she sucks on his cock. Loosening Jamie's skirt, George bends her forward and jams his cock into her pussy. She thrusts back against his body. Discarding her knickers, Jamie lies back, her legs spread to accept his dick in her neatly trimmed snatch. George lies on the deck. Jamie guides his prick into her arse and gyrates her hips as her top comes off. Spinning round on George's cock, Jamie has her nipples licked. He pulls out and fires his load over her stomach. Happy, the two sail into the sunset.

OK, the plot may be feeble and difficult to follow, especially as most of the cast don't speak English too well, but that's not what this film is about. Alessandro del Mar and his production team have done a wonderful job filming six sexy girls in hot action against some stunning backdrops. The camera work and lighting make Dangerous Sex look like a million dollar movie (with this being a Private production it probably was) and it's worth every penny.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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