< Doctor Screw R18 DVD available

Released: 2006
Director: Paul Carder and Sam Stonehill
Notes: Adult Channel XXX / Hot Rod
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Running time: 111 mins.

The Adult Channel have released six episodes from their popular and successful Doctor Screw series as an R18 DVD. Bearded Mark Sloan plays the Doctor and is assisted by his companion Holly (Elle Brook). The pair zip back and forth through time on the track of his nemesis The Mistress (Frankie). Where ever they land there's sure to be shagging.

Tumbling through the Universe the Doctor lands in 21st-century Britain where he is mistaken for a pop star. Reporter Holly (Elle Brook) arranges an exclusive interview and the two head back to her flat. Fascinated by a vibrator she has on her shelf the Doctor gives it a few tweaks, turning it into a sonic dildo. Elle can't wait to try it out. She strips down to her black lingerie and the Doctor gives a hand peeling off her stockings. He then lies back for a blow job. His head rolls as Elle wanks his staff. She laps at his balls and her tongue flicks over the head of his dick. She swallows the length - an ideal assistant. Her blonde hair loose, Elle removes her bra and panties and the Doctor probes deep into her damp pussy. Turning to be taken doggy, Elle strokes her clit as she is shagged. The two move and she ends on top, grinding her pussy against the Doctor's balls. Mark jerks off over Elle's open mouth and his cream plops onto her neck.

Medieval Muff
The Doctor and Elle head for his space ship which is disguised as a porta-loo. Crammed into the terdhouse, they set off for their first adventure. Opening the door they find themselves in the time of Robin Hood. Medieval maid Natalie Heck is being chased around the castle by two knights. A zap from the dildo soon puts pay to that. Natalie doesn't know how to thank the Doctor, but he has an idea ... Unzipping his pants, she wraps her lips around his cock. Not wanting to be left out, Elle joins in the sucking. The Doctor wants to see if medieval pussy tastes the same and Natalie sits on his face for him to try. She falls forward to 69 and Elle uses her tongue on her arse. With Natalie's tits out of her pink floral dress, Elle and the Doctor bite at her boobs before working their way down her body. As Natalie chews on Elle's clit, the Doctor pops his prick into her pussy. The girls lap at each other as the Doctor jabs in his dick. Sonic dildo set to cum, the Doctor uses it on the two and they shake with pleasure. Natalie then gets to sample his spunk.

Holly's Mum
Holly tells her story of growing up in Sheffield and how great her mother was in the sixties. The Doctor has an idea and plans to meet her. In a flower power party the Doctor meets Aaliyah in her psychedelic dress and red PVC boots. He unzips the front and starts to nibble at her nipples. His hands explore her thighs. With a cry of 'Doc I want cock', Aaliyah stuffs his manhood into her cheek and he lies back as she sucks at his dick. He wrestles her knickers down and Aaliyah's moist pussy glistens as the Doctor licks her lips. He sticks his cock in her cunt and the two fall to the floor for a little riding. Aaliyah rolls over to be taken from behind. The Doctor bangs her bum with a tambourine as he bonks. Back on the bed, the Doctor thrusts deep into Aaliyah's stretched pussy. He pulls out to coat her tits. She sucks off every last drop.

Stone Age Shagging
Elle is giving the Doctor a blow job in the terdhouse when he pulls too hard on his joy stick and the two are flung back to the Stone Age. They set off exploring and encounter a terrified fur-clad Rio. The Doctor decides the best way to approach her is with a little girl on girl action. Back at Rio's cave, Elle removes her bright yellow top. The Doctor can't resist a quick lick of her pussy as the girls kiss. Rio follows the Doctor between Elle's legs and begins to lap. Turning, she grasps the Doctor's cheb and shoves it in her mouth. Elle guides the cock into Rio's cunt and watches the pair before swapping places. The Doctor's dick goes deep into her pussy. Standing against the Stone Age wall both girls are banged from behind. They drop to their knees as the Doctor fires off over Rio's tits.

Nazi Interrogation
On the trail of The Mistress (Frankie), the pair land in occupied France during the Second World War. Captured, the Doctor is taken to the local Nazi headquarters for interrogation. Frankie appears in her long leather coat and black boots. Strapped to a chair, the Doctor is forced to watch as she strips Jessica Loveitt out of her army uniform. The two girls kneel in their sexy lingerie licking his dick. Frankie massages the Doctor's body as he sucks at her nipples while Jessica runs her tongue over his shaft. The torture continues as Frankie wraps her fingers around his girth and slips it into her mouth. Jessica forces her tits into his face. The Doctor is made of strong stuff and even finger fucking Jessica won't make him tell, but pushing his manhood into her shaven snatch as Frankie wanks is another thing. It's then her turn for shagging. The Doctor cums over Jessica's body and gives the two a buzz with the sonic dildo before making his escape.

Future Massage
For their final trip, Elle and the Doctor head for the future. In a bleached white room they relax as Mercedes the massaging android sets to work. Her task is to satisfy the two, fluttering her black and silver eyelashes. The Doctor asks for a number 2. Mercedes white coat falls to the floor and she sits on his cock. Elle is impressed as she fingers herself, but she bets it's not as good as the real thing. The Doctor takes the challenge as she slithers down his pole. Mercedes joins in, munching on Elle's minge as she is fucked doggy. With the girls lying on top of each other the Doctor goes from cunt to cunt, finally showering his spunk over Elle. The Mistress has fiddled with android Mercedes' program and she attacks the pair ... will they survive? What a cliff hanger.

Great acting from all the girls and top marks for the story line and special effects. Pity the lighting (or transfer to DVD) didn't quite match up, especially the last scene where everything is too light. While Mark Sloan does admirably as the only man, a second guy could have added a little extra interest. However that doesn't affect the enjoyment. A good film to watch. And look for the out takes on the DVD extras - some great stuff in there.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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