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Released: 2007
Director: Alessandro del Mar
Notes: Private
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Running time: 94 mins.

When it comes to shooting some of Europe's most beautiful girls in exotic locations, Alessandro Del Mar's films for Private's Tropical series are amongst the best on the market. In Deep Lust, Sahara Knite joins four of Hungary's finest girls for sex sessions on the white sand and in the clear blue sea.

TV Script writer Oliver Sanchez had just about everything, a successful series shown world wide, a house by the beach in a tropical paradise, money in the bank and a host of girls following him around. As he sits in the bar swigging rum, he tells a journalist how things started to go wrong following his marriage to Sahara Knite.

After their wedding, Sahara and Oliver head off in their yacht with best mate Marco and his stunning blonde girlfriend Boroka Balls. With Oliver asleep below decks, Sahara urges Marco to have sex with Boroka so she can watch. The two agree. Boroka leans over to take Marco's man meat in her mouth. Sahara caresses herself beside the pair. Her hands run over the floral summer dress and a finger slides past her yellow bikini bottoms into her pussy. Moving closer, Sahara joins Boroka in licking Marco's shaft and balls. The girls slip out of their dresses. Boroka stands with Sahara holding her leg high in the air so that Marco can access her pussy. The two lie down to ride reverse. Sahara sidles her way in and laps at the pair. Sahara fingers herself to orgasm as the pair shag missionary. She dives in to catch Marco's cum and dribbles it over Boroka's stomach before lapping it up.

Oliver worries about what's been going on. His work starts to suffer and his ideas dry up. Sahara offers to help ghost write the sexy story lines, but are these fantasy or based on reality?

In her red and white spotty bikini, Sahara stands beside a rock, Tony's arms wrapped round her as the waters lap against her feet. Up from the pair is Diana Gold, fondling her bare breasts. Her hand enters her bikini bottoms and starts to pull at her pussy. The waves gently break as she moves towards the pair. Seeing Sahara's mouth around Tony's dick she stoops and starts to tongue. Tony sits back on the rock. Diana plonks her pussy on his face as Sahara rides him. The sea splashes over the trio as they swap positions. Diana eases the cock into her arse. Sahara reaches round and tugs at her clit before taking the dick in her own bum. In a ballet-type pose, Diana balances on one leg, the other high on Tony's shoulder as her pussy and arse are filled. Clambering over the rocks, Sahara goes down on all fours to be finished doggy. Tony gives both girls a facial.

Her first story a success, Sahara has some more ideas for Oliver. He must meet her on the beach later, but not interrupt. Oliver finds Sahara kneeling in her lemon bikini with Marco's cock in her mouth and leggy Leanna by her side. As she grabs at Leanna's pussy, the dick slides down her throat. The slim red head sinks to the sand to help with the sucking. Lifting Leanna's denim skirt, Sahara guides Marco's cock into her cunt. Her tongue dances over the two as they fuck. The grains of sand glisten on Sahara's body under the brilliant sun as she squeezes Marco's cock into her arse and hammers down. After pushing his sand-covered prick into Leanna's pussy, Sahara perches on a rock for more anal action. Banging away, Marco only stops to spray his load into the girls' mouths.

Impressed by the style of his new work, the TV company send Riccardo to discuss a new contract with Oliver. Sahara intercepts him when he arrives and explains she has been doing the writing and she has more than just scripts to offer. Riccardo is sent to the courtyard where sultry Janet Joy awaits. As their session draws to a close, Sahara arrives to ensure all is OK. Pulling Riccardo's prick from Janet's bum, she deep throats it and jerks his load into her mouth.

Oliver tells the reporter the final straw was back in the yacht. With Oliver tanked up with rum, Sahara wanted to show what had happened on their first outing. With Boroka's head bobbing on Marco's cock, Sahara starts to suck a crew mate ... it's not really her but the heroine from the story. Drunk and confused, Oliver stares as the girls swap guys. Sahara fills her face with Marco's dick. Boroka bounces reverse cowgirl on the mate's cock. Oliver can't believe what the girls are doing. He leaves as they crouch to catch the guy's cum.

A final swig at the bottle and the journalist is told that Oliver has taken his revenge.

Though Boroka Balls' picture and name appear on the front cover there is no doubting that Sahara is the true star of this film. With her slight Lancashire accent, her acting may not be up to Oscar standards, but it's certainly enough to carry the story line. Combining brilliant photography, a plot and hard hot action against stunning backdrops, it's easy to see why Alessandro Del Mar and Private are at the top of their game.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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