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Released: 2007
Director: Christoph Clark
Notes: Evil Angel
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Running time: 150 mins.

Following on from the acclaimed Dressed to Fuck, Christoph Clark has relocated to the UK and used an all British girl cast for the second in the series, Dressed to Fuck 2. The film is a mix of Christoph's Gallic flair with the sexy sophistication of Georgina, Paige, Starr, Jodi and Daisy in 4 sizzling hot scenes.

The front door swings open and Georgina stands looking like a million pounds (or should that be Euros) in her white fur coat and hat. Paige follows her into the hall. Georgina talks to the cameraman as she hangs up her coat. She raises her black and gold dress to reveal her suspenders and stocking tops. Paige drops her coat on the floor and lifts her short white skirt so Georgina can slap her arse. The girls caress. Georgina sits herself down on a gingham covered chair, her legs apart. Paige moves in and laps at her hairy pussy. Entering the lounge, the pair find David Perry and Joachim are waiting for them. They kiss and start to fondle each other's bodies. With her tits out, Paige falls to the floor taking Joachim's big black dick between her lips. Georgina kneels beside her and joins in. She then turns to take David in her mouth. Paige's black knickers are pulled down and a couple of fingers ease into her arse. Georgina tongues the open hole. Joachim jabs his dick into Paige's pussy. Georgina lies on the sofa watching as she's shagged spoons by David. Moaning loudly, Paige mounts Joachim reverse cowgirl. Removing her dress, Georgina does the same to David. The boys move their cocks into the girls' arses. The guys swap girls. Georgina's bum is filled with black dick as David bangs away at Paige, doggy. Georgina laps at Paige as she's DP'd. The plunging boys make her hair flail and body shake. She lies back, her fingers in her hairy mound. The guys are ready to cum. Squirting their loads into Paige's mouth, Georgina licks off the last few drops.

Starr slowly walks down stairs in her black dress, fishnets and high heels. David and Joachim wait at the bottom to greet her. Starr rubs herself against Joachim. He eases her tits out of her dress. She stoops to take his cock in her mouth and then turns to David. The boys move closer. Starr crams both their dicks between her lips and sucks. Removing her dress, she crouches in her turquoise basque and knickers to swallow cock. Joachim moves behind her, thrusting into her pussy. Crawling over the floor on hands and knees, she makes a bee line for David, prodding her tonsils with his prick as Joachim fucks her. The sofa squeaks as she climbs onto David's dick. Her face full of man meat, she slowly rocks and gyrates. Starr's fishnets are ripped and she is shagged missionary by the boys. Curled up on the settee, the two bang her bum. Starr sits up to be taken DP, her boobs slapping against Joachim's chest. Down on the floor, Starr's arse gets more attention. She groans as the boys hammer away. Back on the sofa, Starr's gaping bum is plundered again before her tongue gets coated in cream.

The gravel on the drive crunches as Jodi James drives up in her silver sports car. Opening the door, she swings out her stocking clad legs and gives a glimpse of what lies beneath her short black dress. Inside, David looks miffed. He has been waiting ages. A kiss from Jodi and her hand on his trousers pacifies him. Jodi leans against him and her dress hikes up. David slips his cock past her knickers into her cunt. Turning, she drops down to taste herself. Dress off, Jodi's against the wall, in her sexy black lingerie, with David fingering and tonguing her arse. She holds on to the door frame as she's fucked from behind. Making her way to the bedroom, Jodi flops back on the bed. Her fingers make their way to her pussy. David jumps on beside her and starts to bang away. Moving Jodi on to her side, he stretches open her bum then slips in his cock. Sitting up, Jodi rides David then slips down the bed to use her stocking clad feet on his cock. Facing him, Jodi eases his dick into her arse. Her big boobs gently sway. Spinning around, Jodi does a little more reverse riding then wanks David into her mouth.

The final hour of the film stars Daisy, but is it one long scene or three separate sessions? Dressed in a bright red basque, stockings and red high heels, Daisy leans over a kitchen stool fondling her breasts. She tells David to start wanking, then lets him run his cock over her buttocks before teasing him with her tongue. Opening her mouth wide, Daisy buries the dick down her throat, wrapping her red painted nails around the base of his shaft. His cock goes down further and Daisy's chin rests against his balls. Kneeling on the kitchen table, David's face is forced into Daisy's sheer black knickers. Grabbing his dick, she rubs it into her shaven snatch. Daisy finger fucks herself as David jerks away. He showers his spunk over her stockings.

Changed into a tight black outfit with fishnets, Daisy sets off to find Joachim. He's up in the bedroom ready. Licking her bright red lips, Daisy takes his shaft in her mouth. Her tongue flicks its way up and down his length. Her dress off, Daisy's boobs hang out as her head bobs on the man meat. Semi-squatting, she gags on the cock. Turning, she fingers herself as Joachim fucks her throat. She goes to the bathroom for a pee. Joachim watches and wanks. He picks Daisy up and places her on his prick, with her legs round his back as she bounces. Moving back to the bed, Daisy lies with her legs open to take cock up her arse. She cries out as it plunges in deep. Kicking off her heels, she takes control, banging and grinding with Joachim's fingers in her cunt. Rolling onto her side, her gaping hole is hammered again. Daisy wants Joachim's cum in her mouth.

Draped in a red net canopy, Daisy wanks and sucks at Omar's cock through the cloth. She presents her arse to him. He laps at her black knickers. Daisy's bum cheeks part as he enters her arse, then bends to lick her wide open hole. Daisy deep throats Omar's cock, her face screwed up as she fills her mouth with cock and balls. Down on all fours, the bum banging continues doggy style, Omar using his fingers as well as his dick. With Daisy once again swathed in netting, Omar fucks her mouth through the cloth and cums over her face. She licks up the white cream.

Quite often when sequels or series of films are produced, the quality drops, but not with Dressed to Fuck 2. If anything this film is even better than the first. All the girls were top class and stunning, with Daisy getting a special mention for her three-in-one scene, in a wonderful choice of erotic lingerie. Once again, it proves that British girls under a top rate European director can produce a world class film. Worth an award? Dressed to Fuck 2 should certainly be a candidate.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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